Can we let Ayesha Omar vacation in peace?

Can we let Ayesha Omar vacation in peace?

The actor was having fun at a lunch date with sea turtles but some of her followers didn’t want to see it.
22 Nov, 2021

Bulbulay star Ayesha Omar is in full vacation mode and has been sharing some awesome vacation fits from her trip to Tanzania. While many of us are loving the vacation inspo, some people have been relentlessly hating on the star for enjoying her trip.

The Karachi Se Lahore actor recently shared a video of herself swimming with turtles at the Baraka Natural Aquarium and wrote, “Lunch with these beauties. Seaweed = low in calories, great source of vitamins and minerals. Thank you my beautiful Henna by Sheikha for making this video. I’m so grateful to have met you.” Omar also mentioned in her stories that this was her "favourite lunch date."

But some commenters couldn't stop being haters.

An Instagram user commented how it would’ve been nice if there was a crocodile in the lagoon. Taking zero flak against her photos, Omar replied, “wow, you have the Pakistani flag as your display picture and you display so much hate? You think that’s patriotic?”

Omar responded to a second, far more sensible comment that asked something we all wanted to know. She said she is nowhere near scared of animals and is rather afraid of the intentions people tend to have. We see what she means, given the many comments are about what she was wearing.

Some people even made her into a meme.

Haters going to hate and all but this tweet sums up how we feel.

Previously she had also posted a photo with one of the best sunsets we have ever seen and called it the "mother of all sunsets." We agree!

We love seeing her vacation pictures and hope a few haters won't stop her from living her life (and letting us live vicariously through her).