As Pakistan-Afghanistan T20 World Cup match nears, Pakistani fans ask their fellows to remain respectful

Published 29 Oct, 2021 05:17pm

Images Staff

It's just a game, Twitter users say, calling on people to remain civil online.

In a wonderful show of sportsmanship, Pakistani cricket fans on Twitter are reminding their fellow fans not to go too wild with memes after and during the match with Afghanistan because at the end of the day, it's just a game.

The match between the two neighbouring countries is set for today (Friday) at 7pm and though Pakistan has a winning record so far, they shouldn't take the Afghanistan team lightly.

Ahead of the match, the Pakistan versus Afghanistan hashtag on Twitter was full of posts asking fans to remember to be kind.

One fan reminded Pakistanis to allow Afghans living in the country the right to celebrate.

Many, many accounts asked their followers not to mock, make memes or say anything rude about the Afghanistan team.

Some people said there would be no wins or losses after this match.

Lots of people are looking forward to a great game of cricket.

They're reminding people that it's just a game.

We also hope fans remain civil and remember that win or lose, it's just a game. We would all like to see our country continue its winning streak but that doesn't mean we need to go wild on social media and hit below the belt. We've already seen displays of sportsmanship during the series and we hope to see that continued on and off the field.