Pakistani Twitter is collectively apologising to Haris Rauf after his amazing World Cup performance

Pakistani Twitter is collectively apologising to Haris Rauf after his amazing World Cup performance

Yesterday was the deadline to submit your apology form. Did you turn yours in?
27 Oct, 2021

The Pakistan versus New Zealand stand-off was a lot of things for fans everywhere — massively entertaining, a test of nerves and a revelation that we've been undermining Haris Rauf as a bowler so far. The nation saw Rauf take four glorious wickets Tuesday night and they have been scrambling to Twitter to issue apology memes ever since.

While the run chase proved difficult for Pakistan's batting line in the second half of the match, we were still able to score a win, one reason being the four wickets Haris Rauf took against New Zealand. Apologies began to be issued as soon as Rauf began to dazzle us with his game. The man played a massive hand in saving our hearts from getting broken and his haters started crumbling left, right and centre.

If fans still had doubts about Rauf's bowling genius till the third wicket, those doubts were wiped away after the fourth one.

Apologies forms were instantly issued on Twitter and people were urged to cite their reasons for wrongly hating on Rauf as well as promising to never do it again.

People began to fill out the forms alright and midnight was the deadline to submit it.

People included cricketers Asif Ali and Shoaib Malik into the form as well after they held up Pakistan's batting.

Or perhaps just apologising to Ali and Rauf will do. Sorry Malik, you've had a number of years to redeem yourself already. These lads are still early in their careers.

Was an apology form enough though?

Let us also apologise for undermining both his skills as well as his confidence in giving interviews in Urdu. Talented AND no colonial complex? We stan.

Both apologies and love were thrown at our saviour.

In fact, Rauf was 'promoted' to a Brigadier level army officer as soon as he left the stadium in Sharjah. His Wikipedia page has been updated accordingly.

Rauf ultimately taught fans a valuable lesson. Do not be quick to judge a player and undermine their potential, especially when they're only at the start of their careers. We hope all our players will soon come to prove all their haters wrong.