Sanam Saeed calls out Shireen Mazari for her silence on PM Imran's statement

Published 23 Jun, 2021 06:05pm

Images Staff

Make a list of the people who get raped everyday to show Imran Khan how outrageous his statement is, she told the minister.

After Prime Minister Imran Khan's comments linking women's clothes to rape and Pakistani men's inability to control their temptations around those wearing "very few clothes" went viral on social media, actor Sanam Saeed has called out Federal Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari on her silence.

She has asked the minister to deliver a message to the prime minister.

In a recent post on Twitter, two days after the premier's interview in which he made these comments went viral, Saeed wrote "Dear Shireen Mazari, please draw up a list for Imran Khan, of men, women and children raped everyday regardless of how they were dressed so that these outrageous and problematic statements are never made again."

Saeed isn' the only Pakistani celebrity calling out the premier for his statement. In fact, people across the country have spoken up to condemn what he said.

As someone who has in the past called for women to be united and spoken up about problematic statements made by others, Mazari has been rather silent about the premier's comments. Saeed is making sure she knows that it's time to speak up — it's now or never.