Jemima Goldsmith reacts to PM Imran's latest statement on rape with a sigh

Jemima Goldsmith reacts to PM Imran's latest statement on rape with a sigh

People seem to believe she hasn't watched the interview and aren't hesitating to tell her that on Twitter.
23 Jun, 2021

Jemima Goldsmith (formerly Khan) has broken her silence on Prime Minister Imran Khan's latest statements on rape. But this time, she's choosing to express herself with a simple but meaningful sigh.

She had a lot to say about PM Imran's comments linking rape and sexual abuse to the rise of "vulgarity" in April but this time she seems quite fed up with the whole matter.

"And again. Sigh," she wrote on Twitter, quoting a tweet she posted in April about a woman being harassed despite wearing an abaya. Her response this time was to PM Imran's statement in which he linked women wearing "very few clothes" to rape. He said these "very few clothes" would "impact" men.

"The problem is not how women dress!" Goldsmith said in her April 8 tweet.

"I'm hoping this is a misquote/mistranslation. The Imran I knew used to say, 'Put a veil on the man's eyes not on the woman'," she wrote in an earlier tweet. She also quoted a verse from the Holy Quran: "Say to the believing 'men' that they restrain their eyes and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Surely, Allah is well aware of what they do."

"The onus is on men," she wrote.

The replies under her most recent tweet range from "Jemima have you watched the complete interview?" to "Hi graceful lady, please watch the interview again". It seems that many people seem to be assuming she doesn't understand the English language or is commenting about the matter without watching the interview. The majority were something like this:

Some said this might be cause to strip her of her honorary bhabi-ship. The real question is whether she wanted that honour in the first place.

There were others, however, that commiserated with Goldsmith.

Few words, just sighs

Senator Sherry Rehman — a woman of even fewer words.

Some people found the whole situation funny yet incredibly frustrating.

Some people wanted Goldsmith to WhatsApp PM Imran right away.

That's not a bad idea though. He might benefit from having a woman explain the problem in his statements to him.


Baccha Khan Jun 23, 2021 03:52pm
My garden.
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Fastrack Jun 23, 2021 04:08pm
PMIK has done more for the rape victims and against the rapists than anybody else in Pakistan's history.
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Fast comment Jun 23, 2021 04:13pm
As a PM & as a Chief Executive, Imran Khan represent the whole nation, he understand the people more, much more than a head of small family, he’s head of state. Naturally he’s quite sober than what he was 40 years ago. We see a decent dress code for PIA Air hostesses, why can’t we introduce a ‘ national dress code’ for all, men, women, which could be a step in right direction.
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M. Saeed Jun 23, 2021 04:24pm
Imran Khan is fast losing his women's votes, which are almost 50%, if not more.
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Fastrack Jun 23, 2021 04:26pm
Still loves him.
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Fastrack Jun 23, 2021 04:28pm
Get out of the Twitter world of PPP and liberal apologists. One word about Khan, and you write paragraphs after paragraphs. Painful obsession.
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usman Jun 23, 2021 04:43pm
Its enough now and its quite boring to read news on this one thing.
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Khanm Jun 23, 2021 05:21pm
Folks ...for most men, wife is the biggest influence..specially if she happens to be an orthodox ...whether positive or negative is not the question ...since IK is a born again Muslim, we hear from time to time about certain religious state of Medina ..etc ..The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth of religious knowledge he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively...Dear ik ...Be selective about your external influences. Your multi-dimensional brain is influenced by everything you see, hear, read, smell, touch, feel or say.
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Irshaad New York Jun 23, 2021 06:07pm
As the Leader of Pakistan, ( for the time being - ), PM IK should NOT be giving interviews, and try to keep his mouth firmly closed. This will spare all the comments, pro and con. He should limit his discussions on the State of the Nation, and the Economic, Business, Political and International policy.
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Truth be told Jun 23, 2021 06:08pm
@Khanm his company is odd and it shows.
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Ahsan Gul Jun 23, 2021 06:08pm
What PM said is definitely a miss quote. And we all know that IK has great respect for ladies and Islamic culture. Drop this topic and get to the most demanding issues of our country e.g dishonesty, money laundering, unemployment and lack of good education please. Sincerely
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Khalid iqbal Jun 23, 2021 07:20pm
I think PM is merely advising women to keep out from the eyes of rapist , wear modest , modesty is the charm of a woman , and spare no man for raping a woman , put him in jail for good .
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Truth be told Jun 23, 2021 07:44pm
@Ahsan Gul excuse me. His repute is that he will go after everything that moves and has the right parts.
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Gulshan Omar Jun 23, 2021 08:57pm
That is why Jemima left Imran in shortest possible time.
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Chrís Dăn Jun 23, 2021 09:23pm
@Khalid iqbal @Khalid iqbal for you modesty is the charm of a woman. But your view is subjective and so is everyoneś in this world. No human being has any right to condemn to other human being . Let a woman be her own decision maker of her life style. You just learn to respect women(and men too,actually) unconditionally.
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RationalBabu Jun 23, 2021 09:34pm
@Truth be told not any more, he has turned over a new leaf!
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Ahsan Gul Jun 23, 2021 09:47pm
What a brilliant Ms. Jamima? She must run for PM in UK. Sincerely
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D’Souza Jun 23, 2021 09:53pm
@Fast comment “ why can’t we introduce a ‘ national dress code’ for all, men, women, which …” Not just men and women. You need to introduce it to little kids too since in your country they too are targets.
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Ahsan Gul Jun 23, 2021 10:16pm
@Irshaad New York Good suggestion and simple to the point. Opposition and people on Nawaz’s payroll are having hard time to get free money. Thanks
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Asif A. Shah Jun 23, 2021 11:47pm
Rape is a crime of violence against a woman and the fact that the woman was scantily dressed is not a legal defense. Therefore, please do not pay any attention to what our PM Imran Khan says about the temptation of the alluring dress of the woman(victim).
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Ahsan Gul Jun 23, 2021 11:51pm
@Truth be told - has he gone after your family members? Please tell us. Thanks
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Funny man Jun 24, 2021 02:24am
And suddenly the Goldsmiths are the ideals of Pakistani women.
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Practical Jun 24, 2021 02:35am
Speaking English does not mean one understands English. The Chief Minister of Bihar when he was asked if he could speak English. His response was, do you want me to speak English in small letters or Capital letters.
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F Khan Jun 24, 2021 03:59am
The Imran I knew used to say ‘ Put a veil on the eye of the men instead of the woman’. So a u-turn here as well?
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Sadaf Jun 24, 2021 04:39am
@Fast comment ....and through think we can solve the problem?.
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Citizen Jun 24, 2021 07:37am
Ms. Goldsmith is correct to point out that the act of sexual violence has no justification period. It is unfortunate that the PM has taken a wrong stand on this issue.
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Rami Jun 24, 2021 09:59am
Women wearing scarfs are harnesses in western countries, because of islamophobia! So, if they wear scarf with mini skirts they will be safe to walk in western countries! All this hoopla is about cultural imperialism!
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Manoj Jun 24, 2021 10:04am
Might is right.
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Anum Sheikh Jun 24, 2021 10:44am
She should focus on UK instead of other countries.
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Syed Bilal ahmad Jun 24, 2021 10:56am
@Fast comment Very good suggestion ...
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KAZ Jun 24, 2021 11:40am
Why she always get attacked ...If her religion doesn't restrict nudity then why even bother and meddle in our affairs.
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KAZ Jun 24, 2021 11:41am
Go on with your half clothing but don't corrupt the new generations with your liberal thoughts.
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Ashfaq ahmed Jun 24, 2021 11:44am
So much fuss about PM Imran Khan's remarks ! That ALL started since the times of Adam and Eve and will continue. This is but part of human nature.
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Give her a chance Jun 24, 2021 11:49am
American women can walk through very crowded New York, or any big or small city of United States without any fear of any man putting their hands on her. How many Pakistani Women can honestly say they feel just as safe from their own men? How is it that Pakistani Muslim men have sunk so low that they have a problem with women and girls , and not with men who deliberately put their hands on girls as young as 14, 12, maybe even younger.
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Toni Ejaz Shah Jun 25, 2021 06:02pm
@Give her a chance As an American woman, I can honestly say you are wrong. The men here just tend to be more subtle and secretive with their bad behaviors. Women must deal with harassment, groping, insults, and threats on a regular basis everywhere in the world.
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NK Jun 26, 2021 10:47pm
@Give her a chance Go and check the reality on the best search engine with a good question on how safe are women in America. Your eyes will pop out and you will shudder in horror when you will read about street and other crimes against women particularly who are single woman in America.
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AJ Jun 27, 2021 11:16am
IK and SMQ are ill-equipped to handle international media.
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