Pakistani women are sharing what they were wearing when they were harassed and we aren't surprised

Pakistani women are sharing what they were wearing when they were harassed and we aren't surprised

Women shouldn't have to relive their trauma because men don't realise rape has nothing to do with clothing.
22 Jun, 2021

Prime Minister Imran Khan's recent interview has brought something to our attention — the burden of molestation and harassment in Pakistan often falls on the victim and their clothes, not the harasser.

The premier said during his interview that women wearing "very few clothes" would have an impact on society and men. Pakistani women are now taking to Twitter to talk about what they were wearing when they were harassed and none of it constitutes "very little clothes".

These women have revisited their trauma all to explain the very obvious idea that rape has nothing to do with what the victim was wearing.

This woman was harassed while at the holiest place in Islam — the Holy Kaaba.

This woman was also wearing an ehram when she was harassed.

This woman wore an ehram and sunglasses and was harassed multiple times in Saudi Arabia.

It has happened many times to this woman and each time she has worn a chadar.

These women were fully covered by society's standards and still got harassed.

This woman was harassed as a six-year-old, wearing a dupatta with a copy of the Holy Quran in her hands.

Being four years old and wearing shalwar kameez didn't stop this woman from being harassed.

A headscarf and a full school uniform didn't help this woman either.

Unfortunately, we can all relate to this woman's experience.

There are very few women in Pakistan who can say they have not been harassed or touched or leered at by men and we all know it has nothing to do with the clothes they were wearing — it happens to women wearing burqas as often as it does to those wearing jeans.

Twitter has exploded with reactions to the prime minister's statements but women shouldn't have to relive their trauma to make a point. Harassment has nothing to do with your clothes and everything to do with absolving men of any responsibility for their actions.

We need fewer justifications for rape and harassment and more people willing to punish rapists and harassers. Pakistan deserves better.


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Ismail Jun 22, 2021 04:19pm
I will not defend those men by saying it happens every where let alone in Pakistan but on religious note for a Muslim man to gaze and and continuous ogling to a woman is not allowed, if he does or even to touch thus harassing a woman again is forbidden, so religion has given a protection but culprit still do it and no doubt they will be deal hereafter if they escape from here. Those women who were harassed in Harum in Saudi Arabia if they have reported to security personnel who monitor CCTV they might have catch the perpetrator to prevent to do further, it can be hard as there are millions people there but still it might have helped as cameras are in every nook and corner of Mecca and Medina not only in Harum as there was a similar incident it was reported and the culprit was caught later with the help of CCTV
Omer Jun 22, 2021 05:06pm
#Twitter you got it all wrong. That was not what he meant!
Habib Jun 22, 2021 05:15pm
There is certain level of truth in Khan's claim. but other factors must not be ignored.
Ibrahim S Jun 22, 2021 05:52pm
Those who were infected with COVID-19 may develop brain abnormality . When did PM IK get infected with COVID-19
Toni Jun 22, 2021 06:03pm Everyone who commented here wanted their opinion to be PURE, Special and Imperial; wow, such piety is nothing but shallow publicity stunt and for personal rating. Bottom line "men are inherently potential rapists" and few women too; rest RAPE IS AN INHUMANE ACT! We all know what PMIK said and meant; modesty in everything dress and behaviour of both men and women; control your flirtatious and seductive behaviour; act of RAPE is a mental sickness and is inhumane, regardless.
Say no to political correctness Jun 22, 2021 06:13pm
Women in Pakistan should dress like PM's latest wifey.
D’Souza Jun 22, 2021 07:06pm
So disgusting these Pakistani men.
Waseem Jun 22, 2021 07:09pm
Obviously, all these culprits are some motherless freaks.
Truth be told Jun 22, 2021 07:15pm
Follow Islam. Segregate women from men. Free mixing of sexes should not be allowed. Isn't that what was prescribed? As for what happened at the holiest places, is despicable but just like not every religious person is a saint similarly not every person is to be trusted. Being with a guardian & walking while protected by the guardian would avoid these incidences. Regardless, a barely clad lady will still invite more attention as opposed to minutely reported incidences in the case of the ones in hijab or chadar. Do provide a statistical analysis & you will realize that cat calls are frequent for the ones who are showing skin. Punish offenders direly & see if that makes a difference. Do note that what some modern women want to follow is what the West did & eventually in their culture it is nudity only if areolas or pubic hair are showing, anything short of that is permissible. Look at statistics & compare the violent crimes committed there. There's not an easy answer other than Islam.
M Umair Jun 22, 2021 07:20pm
They should go to Manhattan and try some american culture.
M. Mushtaq Ahmed Jun 22, 2021 08:23pm
Be respectful to yourself. Nothing more need to be said.
Ali Jun 22, 2021 08:25pm
He never mentioned that men are absolved if they commit such an act …. Similarly he did not preach for an abaya …. Finally and most importantly if the clothes worn show most part of the body then the likelihood of being abused increases ….. It’s always a test Vs control group - Having a vaccine flu shot does not mean you will not have cold on individual basis however on a general segment of a population the likelihood of getting cold reduces for the population that uses vaccine …
AD Jun 22, 2021 10:44pm
@Truth be told statistics supports your comments. Well calibrated
Imran Jun 22, 2021 11:09pm
The woman who triggers and the woman who becomes the victim as a consequence doesn't have to be the same person. It's simple common sense, please don't spin common sense out of existence.
CS Jun 23, 2021 12:44am
The point he made was not this.. The point is in our society if a mind exposed to such thing, he will be tempted to do such things at any time including when you are properly covered. Watch what is the situation in Rape Capital of the World (Delhi)? But you guys probably do not want to listen...
shubs Jun 23, 2021 04:28am
Hey, but PMIK is handsome!
Shahid Jun 23, 2021 06:31am
Ignorance is not about not knowing something but knowingly doing, preaching and propagating obtuse meanings to air agenda(s), sponsored or not.
Talha Jun 23, 2021 11:05am
Most important thing is that Men have to be flogged publicly for harassing women and executed publicly for rape. This will create deterrent in the society. Modesty is prescribed in the eyes and clothes for both Men and Women. Once we as a society start implementing modesty, it will start reflecting in the intentions and clothes as well.
Ahmad Jun 23, 2021 11:13am
Well done DAWN! Rape is a terrible crime, it is not linked with clothes worne by women/men/children, and you are doing a great job clarifying it.
Sara Jun 23, 2021 11:28am
Disgust. Even in the holiest of holy place women are harrassed for just being a female
Sara Jun 23, 2021 11:33am
How ironic that in western world female S wear what ever they like and no man harasses them. Here in the holiest of holy place females are getting harassed by their Muslim brothers
Sara Jun 23, 2021 11:35am
What women wear should not be an issue. Mind set of the men in these countries are an issue.
Sara Jun 23, 2021 11:36am
@Talha I so agree with you
Sara Jun 23, 2021 11:40am
@D’Souza thet were always disgusting. I left forty years ago and never looked back
cholas Jun 23, 2021 02:28pm
@Truth be told You should live in a cave and follow your own rules. Humanity has moved past these stereotypes. If a man cannot control himself what use is religion?
Tobia Gill Jun 23, 2021 03:57pm
That's right we admit your saying that "We protect our bodies by covering it from head to toe. But how we"ll protect ourselves from their leery and attacking eyes!"
TruthMatters Jun 24, 2021 07:54pm
Some men are disgusting and no amount of policing or religiosity can change their behaviour. However, they can be caught and punished through better implementation of laws with a view to protecting women. Having said that, PM Imran Khan’s words need careful reflection and rational thought. Modesty is always the best policy—the same applies to both women and men. Instead of calling the PM a rape apologist, his words and actions vis à vis protection of women’s and children’s rights (in rape and abuse cases) should be juxtaposed accordingly.
IMP Jun 25, 2021 05:34am
@Sara "How ironic that in western world female S wear what ever they like and no man harasses them." it is not true
IMP Jun 25, 2021 05:47am
@Ahmad Rape is a crime but it will help not to happen if person dont wear provocative clothes , if you don't want to wear burka .
IMP Jun 25, 2021 05:54am
@Tobia Gill don't look at them and you will be alright
IMP Jun 25, 2021 05:56am
@TruthMatters agree