Is Fawad Khan joining Disney's much-anticipated Ms Marvel series?

Is Fawad Khan joining Disney's much-anticipated Ms Marvel series?

Fawad is listed as part of the series cast on IMDB as a character named "Hasan".
Updated 06 Jun, 2021

Actor Fawad Khan has come a long way since Jutt and Bond in the early 2000s. Not only did he front one of Pakistan's most groundbreaking musical ensembles, Entity Paradigm, he went on to become a bonafide "hero" through his TV serials like Humsafar and Dastaan and then took on Bollywood with successful projects.

Now, it appears he's set to become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as part of the much-anticipated upcoming show Ms Marvel.

Senior journalist Haroon Rashid of BBC Asian Network dropped the bomb on Twitter. "Wow! Fawad Khan set to appear in Ms Marvel, the Disney+ series about Marvel’s first titular Muslim character."

How does Rashid know? "He's listed on the show's official IMDB page." And lo and behold, when we checked, our own Fawad is very much listed as part of the cast as a character named "Hasan".

Since Fawad's team hasn't gotten back to Images about his role and Marvel is also keeping mum, we'll just have to make do with what we know so far — including IMDB listing Fawad's trademark as "his hand on his chest"!

We know that Fawad, if confirmed, could be starring alongside acclaimed performer Nimra Bucha who is part of the cast of the show.

We know that Marvel's first Pakistani Muslim woman superhero will be played by Iman Vellani. She will take on the role of Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teen based in New Jersey, who with her inhuman ability to extend her limbs, alter her appearance, and shift her shape and size, works tirelessly to make the world a better place.

Another talented Pakistani working on the project is filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, who will join Meera Menon, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah in directing the Disney+'s Ms Marvel series.

Rashid in his tweet also mentioned Bollywood's Farhan Akhtar joining the cast but while reports have been making rounds for a while, he isn't listed as yet on the IMDB page. And has neither confirmed or denied being part of Ms Marvel.

The series is set to debut late 2021.


abid rashid Jun 06, 2021 01:44pm
The chap is not doing justice with his talent staying off the screen from pak dramas..
Zak Jun 06, 2021 02:33pm
Hollywood will gain by Fawad khan 's presence.
Irfan Huq Jun 06, 2021 02:43pm
I thought Fawad has retired since Hamsafer and now wants to sit on his laurel for the rest of his life
Zak Jun 06, 2021 05:35pm
Everyone wants Pakistani talent because they are the best in the world. Bollywood was desperate for Pakistani actors to keep bollywood afloat, once they were banned, bollywood collapsed. Now Hollywood has tapped into Pakistani actors pool of talent and they will take the world by storm.
Syed Ahmed Jun 06, 2021 07:19pm
Good luck fawad khan
Hjk Jun 06, 2021 07:43pm
@Zak you.. you settle for nothing but the best
Daniel Pearl Jun 06, 2021 08:58pm
@Zak, Walt Disney is Jewish owned, no concerns about Zionist conspiracies now.
John Jun 06, 2021 09:08pm
@Zak you live in your own delusional World
Memon Abdul Jun 06, 2021 09:45pm
I don't believe, untill I see it... It's another thing to be cast and yet another to deliver. Hollywood sets the standard, doesn't adopt to it, I don't see this coming through...
Masood Khan Jun 06, 2021 09:54pm
He is superbly talented. He appeared in that Indian movie with Ranbir Kapoor for a few minutes and uprooted him.
FARIDA RAHMAN Jun 06, 2021 09:55pm
Great news !
Zak Jun 06, 2021 10:21pm
@Hjk @Zak you.. you settle for nothing but the best Because we are the best.
Zak Jun 07, 2021 01:43am
@Hjk @Zak you.. you settle for nothing but the best Fawad khan, next James Bond in Hollywood.
Hjk Jun 07, 2021 08:07am
@Zak if wishes were horses... Don't forget America is growing far right movement
Hjk Jun 07, 2021 08:08am
@Zak apni tareef khud nahi karni chahiye.. dusron ko karne do, tab pata chalta hai
Chrís Dăn Jun 07, 2021 01:00pm
@Daniel Pearl zionism and jews are two different facts. Please research.
Glen D'Abreo Jun 08, 2021 02:13am
Pakistan has a huge talent pool of actors and actresses. We know unless you make it in Hollywood and get the stamp of approval the world doesn't give a hoot how popular in the country of your origin. Fawad acting in Kapoor and sons skyrocketed his space in the world. A Pakistani in a gay role played with grace, calm and respect earned him kuddos. Hollywood has its eye on Fawd and soon we shall see his rise.