Ms Marvel is Pakistani and should be played by one, says Never Have I Ever star

Ms Marvel is Pakistani and should be played by one, says Never Have I Ever star

According to Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, her taking on the role of Kamala Khan would be unfair to the Pakistani community
14 May, 2020

With Netflix's latest show Never Have I Ever becoming an instant hit, it's no surprise that lead Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is getting her much-deserved spotlight.

The series - while getting mixed reviews - is one of the fewer Netflix originals to feature South Asian representation in starring roles. And from the looks of it, Ramakrishnan takes representation very seriously.

With the constant buzz around a Ms Marvel - Kamala Khan version - movie, that could easily become one of the biggest desi characters in cinemas should it work out, Maitreyi was asked by ET about whether she'd be interested in taking on the role.

However, the actor had a different approach to the matter.

"I've seen a couple posts about that, but honestly, no," she said. "Kamala Khan is Pakistani and I'm Tamil. If there was a Tamil superhero, I wouldn't want to see a Pakistani girl playing [her]. I would say, 'Really? You couldn't find anybody who was Tamil?' So why would I want to do that to the Pakistani community? That wouldn't be fair."

Well well well, the 18-yr-old knows what's up and we can't help but respect her for it! It's about time we speak up about the importance of representation in cinema, especially when a character demands it.

Now if only Scarlet Johansson would get the message...

Of course Ramakrishnan is still down to be in a Marvel movie, saying, "Trust me, I'd love to be a superhero. I love Marvel so much... "I could be the daughter of Deadpool or apprentice or something!"

"Maybe Deadpool adopts a South Asian girl. It would make sense -- Ryan Reynolds and I would both make the Canadian jokes."

Hey, if you ask us, that can work. Somebody call Marvel please!