Five male celebrities whose stylish outfits stood out this Eid

Published 14 May, 2021 02:22pm

Images Staff

Take a look at our favourites from around the internet!

Eid brings with it more than just colours, festivities, food and joy — a big part of the celebrations are the clothes. Everyone wants to look their best, and we're sure everyone did. Here's our collection of the best dressed men on Pakistani Instagram this Eid.

Adnan Malik

Adnan Malik's look was simple, and he did it so so well. White is the most popular colour for men on Eidul Fitr, which Malik knew but wanted to get creative with. He stayed in light-coloured tones with his light gray-green shalwar kameez and the complementary off-white blazer. We love this low contrast combination!

Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas also got the light-but-not-white memo this Eid. He went with greyer than Malik, and opted for a kurta pajama instead. His kurta featured a small embroidered pattern. He made his tailor fit in as many buttons as he could on his kurta's placket, and we must admit it looks pretty neat.

Babar Azam

Pakistan's captain Babar Azam looked fantastic yesterday. Azam likes to look classy and it's clear from how he chooses to dress. That's also promoted by the PCB, who see this as good branding for their pack's leader and face, and boy does he do it well.

He stayed simple, with an elegant white, which despite its popularity seems to pop up differently here, topped with an off-white double breasted gold-buttoned waistcoat. Add to that an eye-catching stainless steel piece on his wrist and the shine on his black leather shoes, and you've got perhaps the freshest looking man out there.

Sheheryar Munawar

Resident heartthrob Sheheryar Munawar is back at it, and he's throwing our Eid clothes goals into a 180 degree frenzy with a black kurta. He made the cut just for the experimental nature of his dressing.

The kurta is more square and baggy than the ones we've seen so far — we can't tell if that's a coincidence or intentional — and features spaced out embroidery along its border and neckline and some box-like designs in the middle. It also extends to his sleeves. His brother wore the same kurta in red, and we think they both pulled it off pretty well.

Ali Gul Pir

You can count on Ali Gul Pir to be as original and true to his character in how he dresses as one can be. The singer-comedian went with a light blue short kurta with a repetitive pattern printed in blue. The pattern seems to be centred around a leaping animal (something like a jaguar, maybe), and runs down the entire kurta. He coupled that with white pyjamas and brown leather brogues. We think he looks great!

Bonus: Haroon Rashid

We know we said there'd be just 5, so take this one as Eidi. BBC's Haroon Rashid looked amazing this Eid, don't you agree? His light blue kurta is so elegant and refreshing, and he looks so breezy that the outfit is truly eye catching. The embroidery work is intricate, and it's so beautiful. We think he's totally rocking this Eid!

Eid goes as fast as it comes, and we miss the celebrations already. Eid for the past two years has been tough, but we've also deserved every last bit of celebration we got out of it.