Haniya Khan's father denies that she is married to Aamir Liaquat

Published 07 May, 2021 02:39pm

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He claimed she's not mentally stable, and apologised to Liaquat on her behalf.

Did you think we were done with Aamir Liaqat Hussain headlines this season? Think again. The story of the nation's biggest game show host and his rumoured marriage to actor Haniya Khan just got a new episode, and Khan's father features in the new one.

Actor Khan had come out last week with shocking revelations, claiming that she is Liaquat's third wife. Liaquat, who was on his way back from the top of newspapers for his antics, shot back right back up with the news. Khan claimed the two were married, with their families involved, and alleged that Liaquat's second wife was running a 'campaign' against her while he was busy trying to sabotage her career.

Liaquat, predictably, denied all of this. He said there is no truth to the statement and that his only wife was Tuba Aamir. This was despite the fact that Khan released screenshots and pictures with the Aamil Online host, pictures that brought his denial into question. We thought that might be the last of the story.

But boy, were we wrong.

Now, on Instagram, Liaquat uploaded two videos featuring a man he says is Khan's father. The first video shows the man crouched under Hussain's arm as the two hug. "You're worried, I understand, and so am I, there are false accusations against me. But she's your daughter," says Liaquat as he pats the man's back.

People, however were not willing to buy it.

They referred to the video as acting, refusing to accept it as honest and the truth. People understand the situation that the family could find itself in, given their humble origins and status, against a giant of a persona, who's rich and powerful. Public opinion maintained the father might've been paid off to make the remarks.

The second video features the man looking straight into the camera, apologising to Liaquat on behalf of his daughter, and saying, "Whatever Haniya has said about her nikkah and everything are lies. No such thing happened, I have no knowledge of such an occurrence. He [Liaquat] came to our house, he did help us, but then he left. Haniya is depressed, and that's why she's doing what she's doing. She had come to Karachi, now I'm taking her home. I appeal to everyone to not say anything that brings shame to his name."

This video, too, was far from convincing for Liaquat's Instagram audience.

Khan literally released pictures, videos and recordings of Liaquat, and has even threatened to release much more scandalous proof of their relationship, one user reminded. The words out of his mouth sound like they were carefully put there, by Liaquat himself, another user pointed out, while others explained why that made sense: Liaquat is rich, powerful and influential.

Social media is convinced there's more to the story.

This user is not convinced that it was as simple as the man just appearing, and Liaquat recording his apology for the internet.

This user felt Liaquat's "presence in power corridors is scary for women in Pakistan"

We don't know what turns this story will take, one can never quite know with Liaquat, but we know this isn't the last of it.