07 Jan, 2020

Mehwish Hayat, was recently targeted with blatant sexism by our very own televangelist, Aamir Liaquat.

Why you wonder? For commenting on and condemning the US drone strike that killed the Iranian military commander, Qassem Soleimani, in Iraq.

Hayat tweeted out," Can’t believe that just 72 hours into 2020 and the world is already teetering on the edge of war. I guess this is what happens when the "leader of the free world" takes unilateral decisions without regard for international laws. This isn’t just about Iran and USA. God protect us #Soleimani”

But Liaquat couldn't hold back. Calling her an ‘item girl’, Liaquat had tweeted out telling Hayat to refrain from giving irrelevant comments on political issues.

Taking a dig at her, he remarked “just because Mehwish received a Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, the ‘item girl’ should not pass such statements and should keep Pakistan’s foreign policy in mind. He added that if Soleimani was alive, ‘would he have invited her to perform in Iran?'”

Luckily, Hayat is not one to grin and bear. She immediately hit back by reminding him graciously that this ‘item girl’ is exercising her ‘democratic right’ to have an opinion while Liaquat keeps ‘stooping low’. She also reminded him that she is still waiting for him to file a case against her on her last film Load Wedding.

Earlier in 2019, Aamir Liaquat claimed that he wanted to sue the actors and directors of Load Wedding for defaming him through their film.

Aamir Liaquat is a constant feature of the news cycle, but his sexist remarks and controversial tweets are not winning him any love; it just gives credence to anonymous online trolls who can't seem to accept a successful woman who can hold her own opinion.