Saba Qamar calls off her engagement

Updated 02 Apr, 2021 01:46pm

Images Staff

She said she had never met entrepreneur Azeem Khan in person.

Actor Saba Qamar has announced that she is no longer engaged.

In a surprise post Friday morning, the actor said she had called off her engagement to entrepreneur Azeem Khan, citing personal reasons.

"Hi everyone, I have a very important announcement to make. Due to a lot of personal reasons I have decided to call it off with Azeem Khan. We are not getting married now," she posted on Instagram.

Addressing her fans, she hoped she would get their support at such a time. "I hope you guys will support my decision just like you all have been supporting me always. I guess it's never too late to realise the bitter realities."

The Hindi Medium star also added a surprising revelation. "I also want to clear one important thing that is, I have never met Azeem Khan in my life. We were only connected over the phone." Qamar added that she was going through a very difficult time right now but "this too shall pass."

Khan also commented on the issue via his Instagram Story. "She hasn't written my side of the story," he protested. However, he admitted it was his fault.

Images has reached out to Qamar for a comment.

Qamar's engagement came out of the blue for fans. She announced it in a comment on an Instagram post. Khan had commented asking her to marry him and she responded saying 'qabool hai'. Fans were unsure if she was joking but she later confirmed that she was actually getting married.

Not long ago, Ujala Ali Khan, a wardrobe stylist for the movie Pinky Memsaab had accused Khan of harassment.

In a public post on social media, she called him out for leaking private conversations from a closed women-only group, slandering the women by exposing their identities and inviting hate by threatening them.

"It is not okay to slander and threaten women for participating in discussions related to sexuality in a closed, safe space designed for them to discuss these very things," she wrote. "It is not okay to publicly post private conversations women have in these groups. It is not okay to reveal their identities. It is not okay to incite verbal abuse and threat of physical violence against them."

Following the post, Khan had responded with a video in which he said any charges against him should be going through proper legal channels. "Saba doesn't care about my past and I don't care about Saba's past," he said.