Asim Azhar and Young Stunners pour their hearts out in breakup song Yaad

Published 27 Mar, 2021 12:52pm

Images Staff

Fans think the song might be about Hania Aamir.

Asim Azhar and Young Stunners have collaborated once again for breakup song Yaad and they're killing it.

The song is about remembering a lost love and Azhar and the two Talhas have managed to capture everyone's fond (and not so fond) memories of past loves.

"Teri bas yaad yaad yaad, Aye mujhe baar baar baar, Sone na de, Jeena na de, Aur kisi ka hone na de [Memories of you, keep coming to me, I can't sleep, I can't live and I can't be anyone else's]."

Azhar has been hyping up the collaboration on Twitter, where he's asking people to help Yaad become a trend.

The song was trending at #3 on YouTube when this story was published with 546,000 views.

The lyrics for Yaad were written by the trio and Raamis Ali. Azhar composed the music for the song.

This isn't Azhar's first collaboration with Young Stunners, which is made up of Talha Anjum and Talhah Yunus. They've worked together on Tum Tum with Shamoon Ismail and RAAMIS in the past.

Most fans love the song and have been talking about the musical composition, lyrics and amazing aesthetics.

But some fans are turning into conspiracy theorists and think the song is about Hania Aamir, Azhar's maybe ex.

There were a lot of comments under the song on YouTube about how it was about Aamir.

We aren't sure if this is wishful thinking or Azhar was actually dropping hints, since the fans' 'evidence' was pretty flimsy. On one hand, art often imitates life, so it's possible Azhar wrote his lyrics about a person who has been in his life but on the other, Azhar and Aamir's relationship is no one's business.

Even if they were dating at some point, it would be pretty awful to have your name dragged into it every time your ex releases a new song. Guys, it's probably best to just focus on the music.