Seriously though, who made this?
Seriously though, who made this?

So the latest entry in Pakistan's music scene is a collaboration between Asim Azhar, Shamoon Ismail, Talha Anjum, Talhah Yunus and Raamis.

As if that weren't enough names, the video also stars Areeka Haq, Hania Aamir, Asad Siddiqui and Mooroo. No wonder it's being touted as "the biggest collaboration of 2020."

It seemed that people were excited for the track - titled 'Tum Tum' - but the song didn't really win many over. Considering it is 2020 after all and we're tired of dated 'gold digger' or 'pals before gals' lyrics, we get it.

Naturally, as is now the way of the world, the song has led to Twitter reactions and some of the funniest memes around.

They didn't like it

Like, at all

We live in a society

The shade!

They went there

The real star was... Hania Aamir?

Well, truth

But here's the actual truth!