Kangana Ranaut defends the queen against Harry, Meghan's 'saas bahu sazish stuff'

Kangana Ranaut defends the queen against Harry, Meghan's 'saas bahu sazish stuff'

Being a 'great queen' excuses her not being an ideal grandmother-in-law, Ranaut believes.
13 Mar, 2021

Known for her unconventional opinions and controversial statements more than her acting portfolio, Indian actor Kangana Ranaut never shies away from giving her opinion on something that is trending.

Recently, following Prince Harry and Meghan's explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Tanu Weds Manu star took to social media to defend Queen Elizabeth, dismissing the situation as "saas, bahu, sazish type stuff." Who knew the queen needed Ranaut to come to her defence.

"For few past days, people gossiped, judged, online lynched a family based on one sided story at the cost of a family," she began. "I never saw the interview as saas, bahu, sajish type stuff never excites me. All I want to say is one woman the only ruling Monarch left on this globe may not be an ideal MIL/wife/sister, but she is a great Queen."

To clarify, Ranaut is not a British citizen and Queen Elizabeth is not her monarch. But fear not, Ranaut was quick to explain why she thinks the queen is great.

"She carried forward her father’s dream, saved the crown better than any son could have. We can’t play every role to perfection even if we excel at one, should be enough. She saved the crown. Let her retire like a Queen," she said.

Naturally, people called her out on her statement, saying her knowledge of history seemed limited to the television show The Crown.

Previously, in an interview that left Britain’s monarchy shaken, Meghan, who married Prince Harry in 2018, accused the royal family of rejecting her pleas for mental health support, following the racial and domestic trauma she suffered when she became part of their family.

The morning after the interview was aired, Piers Morgan said on Good Morning Britain, among a torrent of other criticisms, that he did not believe a word Meghan had said. Meghan and Harry then complained to broadcaster ITV.

“We can confirm receipt of a standards complaint made on behalf of the Duchess of Sussex,” a spokesman for Ofcom confirmed.