Neither Karachi nor Lahore — Shaheen Afridi wins for his heartwarming gesture after clean bowling Babar Azam

Neither Karachi nor Lahore — Shaheen Afridi wins for his heartwarming gesture after clean bowling Babar Azam

Twitterati couldn't contain their excitement over the moment when two of Pakistan's best cricketers came face to face.
Updated 01 Mar, 2021

Karachi-Lahore rivalry isn't anything new so we knew the PSL 6 Karachi Kings vs Lahore Qalandars match would have everyone riled up and rooting for their cities.

The social media commentary had everything from good natured ribbing, friendly banter, and of course memes.

The face-off between the two cities, however, wasn't the only thing in focus — cricket fans wanted to see the young and talented fast bowler, Shaheen Shah Afridi, take on Pakistan's skipper Babar Azam, one of the best batsmen in the world.

Now, we're not here to give you match updates but only focus on that one moment early in the match that everyone is talking about: Azam clean bowled by Afridi.

Here's the moment.

Afridi's beautiful bowling showed why he is one of the fastest rising young players for Pakistan. But the moment that truly won hearts was when the youngster celebrated the major wicket only momentarily and quickly went to the skipper for a warm side hug. Now that's sportsmanship.

The crowd couldn't help fawning over Afridi

The spirit of true camaraderie

It's a win for PSL 6

And for cricket


Sid Feb 28, 2021 09:54pm
Disappointed to see how Amir was treating his fellow Pakistani players - not sure what happened but this is the difference between selfish players and those who play for the nation - unfortunately most Pakistani players play for themselves only!
Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Feb 28, 2021 10:00pm
Stop associating Karachi's name with ARY Kings. This team has nothing to do with Karachi. Masses in Urban Sindh genuinely dislikes this franchise as it deliberately ignored all the talent from Urban Sindh. It will be more appropriate to say ARY Kings Vs Lahore Qalanders. In addition When players from Punjab are playing from both sides then it doesn't matter who wins. Why not support "Lore Kalanders" as pronounced by our friends from Lahore. Atleast they are promoting local talent
jaredlee007 Feb 28, 2021 10:06pm
What is the big deal about this gesture? It was a game and Shaheen edged Babar.
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Feb 28, 2021 10:06pm
Great, excellent and wonderful sportsman spirit shown by the pearl of greenshirts pace and open attack bowler; Shaheen Afridi. Well done and keep it up.
Fastertrack Feb 28, 2021 11:20pm
Seems more like teasing him
Zahid Mar 01, 2021 12:03am
Well done psl, Shaheen afraid and babar
Waseem Mar 01, 2021 12:11am
I would rather see the send off Afridi gave to Amir when he bowled him. Shaheen and Amir were both so good and this is what you need in franchise cricket. Intensity
Ali khan Mar 01, 2021 01:03am
Everyone is praising Shaheen. However, he does not have any choice much! Babar is his captain. This is as simple as that. Do not bring sportsmanspirit in it.
pakfan Mar 01, 2021 01:26am
Top level T20 cricket. Quality bowling, batting and fielding...
Khabboo Mar 01, 2021 02:24am
jaredlee007 about 4 hours ago What is the big deal about this gesture? It was a game and Shaheen edged Babar. Babar is Shaheens captain. Just respect . Probably just saying “ sorry captain for bowling you out”.
murli Mar 01, 2021 03:59am
@jaredlee007 Sportsmanship and common decency.
What is the surprise? Mar 01, 2021 05:13am
Shaheen Shah Afridi wants to be selected for the national team. Alienating the captain is not the way to do that. Smart youngster.
Sayyar Khan Mar 01, 2021 05:22am
@Sid he is in for money only
Sayyar Khan Mar 01, 2021 05:23am
@Sab Se Pehle Pakistan you will never be Happy no matter what.
Ahmad Mar 01, 2021 06:17am
If you called it Karachi Kings, you have to have all players from Karachi and entire Sindh province whereas Lahore Qanlanders have most of their players from Punjab and KP province. Why Karachi Kings have most of their players from Punjab province and KP. ????
A true fact Mar 01, 2021 07:04am
@Sab Se Pehle Pakistan what talent is there in urban sindh?
INDEPENDENT Mar 01, 2021 07:09am
I praise all PSL players for entertaining the whole cricket world. Peace and love are the true reflections of Pakistan.
Akil Akhtar Mar 01, 2021 09:43am
@Sid Totally Agree...Amir is the most selfish player we have seen....
Syed ahmed Mar 01, 2021 12:21pm
@Sid is just another opponent sir ,
Parvez Mar 01, 2021 06:45pm
It good see stuff like this .......
Afroz Mar 01, 2021 07:07pm
Probably Afridi was buttering Babar, so that he doesn’t loose his job in national team
Yawar Mar 02, 2021 10:29am
I am sorry. But I don't see what the hype is all about. In fact, I found it quite condescending on the part of Afridi. This is not how one shows respect to his captain. On the other hand, I thought Babar took it quite well, as displayed by his return smile.
Asad Mar 02, 2021 02:34pm
@Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Baber azam is not from Karachi nor he can represent Karachi.