Twitter can't decide if it hates or loves the new PSL anthem

Twitter can't decide if it hates or loves the new PSL anthem

Not everyone is grooving to 'Groove Mera' by Naseebo Lal, the Young Stunners, and Aima Baig.
08 Feb, 2021

Pakistan's biggest sporting event, the Pakistan Super League (PSL), is back and like every year, the first buzz is around its anthem.

The PSL 6 anthem features Naseebo Lal, Young Stunners and Aima Baig and it's called 'Groove Mera'.

It's a mix of the traditional vocals of Naseebo Lal, rap by the Young Stunners, Aima Baig's power vocals and a catchy beat. The music video premiered on February 6 and already has 2.5 million views on YouTube.

Sure some of it doesn't make sense like but it heavily emphasises how this year's PSL will be watched on TV screens instead of in stadiums. In fact, it's in the lyrics: "Aaj dekhe ga crowd mera groove TV pe" which translates to the crowd will see my groove on TV today.

The music video also featured people watching matches on TVs, mobile phones and laptops and Wahab Riaz patting a TV in a stadium, emphasising how this year's PSL will be different because of the pandemic.

While the tournament begins on February 20 at Karachi's National Stadium — with the first T20 being played between the Karachi Kings and Quetta Gladiators — the chatter right now is all about the song (we haven't forgotten last year's drama).

Twitter was divided over the song, with some people reminiscing about Ali Zafar's anthem yet again and others enjoying how catchy the PSL 2021 version is. Others didn't know what groove meant.

Here's what people are saying.

The good

The bad

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Zayan Usman Feb 08, 2021 02:42pm
Groove means "routine". So basically they connected PSL with the routine of life. What a creeeeeeeeeatiiiiiiiiVTY :)
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Feb 08, 2021 02:51pm
PSL Six, Zindabaad.
Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Feb 08, 2021 03:13pm
The decision is simple. This new PSL anthem is by far the worst anthem for all PSLs. Can't believe this song got approved. This shows extreme incompetence of PCB.
Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Feb 08, 2021 03:21pm
@Zayan Usman : This song is absolutely pathetic. It feels like a slap on PSL's face. Why PCB? Why?
NSG Feb 08, 2021 03:23pm
Twitter to shut down 7000 false accounts, the power of India. Guess from where they are?
K Feb 08, 2021 03:40pm
Common at least do this part right.
G H A L I B J E E E Feb 08, 2021 03:43pm
The Memes are just outstanding, Unfortunately cannot say the same about PSL Anthem
NYS Feb 08, 2021 03:48pm
PSL sixth edition May this edition filled all enthusiasm and filth free Aima is renaissance here breezy young stunner
Babar Malik Feb 08, 2021 05:09pm
Pakistan's first sports anthem by women leads, and I loved every bit of it. It is fantastic.
Toni Feb 08, 2021 05:28pm
Nice music combination of rhythm and singing, not sure about the Title "Groove" name, trying to internationalize it for the overseas players' attraction.
NK Feb 08, 2021 05:51pm
Naseebo lal part is the best one. Her high pitch voice perfect for this type song, electrifying. The rap was the weakest part in my view. Also the video was very amateur , same old sequences and weird to see shadab bending his neck . Overall 6/10 mainly because of Naseebo lal who rocked
Fahad Hussain Feb 08, 2021 07:02pm
I loved it. Enjoy the PSL.
Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Feb 08, 2021 07:36pm
Pathetic is the word
Vishal Feb 08, 2021 09:23pm
I love it :) Some people just have to be negative about everything. I specially loved the first singer, sorry I don't know her name.
Fast Bowler Feb 08, 2021 10:54pm
I have been always a fan of Pakistani amazing fast Bowlers and superb music but why this as PSL song. You have amazingly talented musician, give them a chance guy.
True Feb 08, 2021 11:10pm
Well I don't like it, my opinion.
Haider Feb 08, 2021 11:21pm
Pakistani people are the one for whom i think this song is made even they are the one who are going to watch and support these matches so if they didn't liked this song to twitter na like kry wo to boht door ki bat h #pslanthem
Asad Feb 09, 2021 12:43am
amazing song! who cares about wording. catchy tune
Pak-UK Feb 09, 2021 03:34am
not sure about song.. but looking forward to PSL.
Humza Feb 09, 2021 03:37am
The only one who sounds great in this song is Naseebo Lal - without her, the tune has no real melody but overall I loved it !
Zubair Syed Feb 09, 2021 05:27am
This PSL-6 song is not worth any comments. Poor lyrics and sound track
IDK Feb 09, 2021 05:44am
@Zayan Usman I think it's 'groove' as in 'groovy'. Used to mean 'cool' ... about fifty years ago.
K Shah Feb 09, 2021 08:34am
I like it ... may the best team win!!
Raheel Feb 09, 2021 09:36am
Loved it!
Ammar Feb 09, 2021 09:56am
Worst Anthem
Haider Feb 09, 2021 10:15am
@Zayan Usman groove in this context means rhythm.
shakeel mahota Feb 09, 2021 11:39am
Limitations of composition and singers selection apart, a PSL anthem is supposed to be a unifying number amid national diversity. Therefore, the lyrics should have been either in the national language alone, or in all regional/ provincial languages.
T'chala Mali Feb 09, 2021 02:16pm
bring in Ali Azmat and Salman Ahmad. they sound like patriotism should be. this one is gross.
Sadiqa Farhan Feb 09, 2021 02:25pm
Its good i mean not too bad a'd not too good
Ahmar Qureshi Feb 09, 2021 04:21pm
My analysis: > You'll listen to this song for the 2nd time again. > Pro Cricket - Western & Eastern all aspects are there. > Highest hits on social media whether likes or dislikes - Tending Big Time! > Ethnic Punjabi vocals by Ms. Lal (reminds people of her signature tone) > Aima Baig is always a sensation & the beat is indeed Groovy! Closing statement: Love me or hate me, both are in my favor, if you love me I'll live in your Heart & if you hate me, - I'll Live in Your Mind! - William Shakespeare.
No-Name Feb 11, 2021 08:56pm
@NSG from Modi of course.
No-Name Feb 11, 2021 09:01pm
Tunes and lyrics are not bad. Its just not great but its not bad either. The sound engineer should not have dumbed down Madame Lals voice who otherwise was giving good aggressiveness to the song.