15 Feb, 2021

The PSL has announced the lineup for its opening ceremony on February 20.

The singers of PSL6 anthem ‘Groove Mera’, Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig and Young Stunners, are all going to perform.

The other stars in the lineup are Atif Aslam, Imran Khan and Humaima Malick.

On Twitter, people are very excited for all the performances, especially Aslam's.

Despite Twitter being abuzz with rumours of Ali Zafar performing at the ceremony, that’s not happening.

Zafar confirmed the news on his Twitter himself.

Unlike previous years, the opening ceremony for the PSL6 will be watched on TV screens instead of in person. In fact, it's in the lyrics of 'Groove Mera': "Aaj dekhe ga crowd mera groove TV pe" which translates to the crowd will see my groove on TV today.

The song itself had a lot of people talking, and not everything they said was complimentary. Some people hated the song and wanted Zafar to sing it instead. Others bashed the singers, particularly Naseebo Lal.

But a lot of people, including celebrities, rushed to her defence and reminded everyone that we must respect people's work, even if we don't like it. One of the detractors was Shoaib Malik, who posted a "review" of the song and bashed everyone from the singers to the person who conceptualised it.

He faced backlash for his comments and people called him out for being cruel.