Updated 11 Feb, 2021

Days after the release of the PSL 6 anthem, Twitter has finally come to the defence of Naseebo Lal, a veteran singer who sang 'Groove Mera' along with Aima Baig and Young Stunners.

When the PSL anthem was released on February 7, there were mixed reactions. Some people loved the song and the mix of a traditional powerhouse (Lal) and rising stars (Baig and the Young Stunners), while others did not like it at all.

A few days after the anthem was released, a video began circulating on social media of Lal crying. In the video she speaks about never being given a chance to sing an anthem or song like this before and thanked people for their comments.

The video weighed on Twitter's collective conscience and some users began apologising to Lal.

Others thanked Zulfikar Khan for including Lal in this year's anthem and ensuring regional representation in the song.

Actor Faysal Quraishi said Lal would rock a stadium with her groove and high notes.

Fellow actor Adnan Siddiqui called on people to respect artists and their work. "It’s very easy to be keyboard warriors and shred someone’s hard work to pieces. How ungrateful to forget so conveniently all the melodious songs Naseebo Lal has given us," he wrote.

Actor Ahmed Ali Butt also came to Lal's defence and posted about the issue on his Instagram stories. “For people who don’t know, Naseebo Lal is a Pakistan folk singer with over 30 years of singing experience. She never go the limelight that she deserved because most of her songs were during the “raunchy” Punjabi film era,” he wrote. “But that does not change the fact that she is a Pakistani folk legend with hundreds of songs to her credit.”

He went on to say that ‘Groove Mera’ is a great song and bold step by the PCB. “All the people making fun of her pronunciation are the same people who like UK or Canadian Punjabi singers. So shut up!”

Butt said people should be proud of their nation’s talent. “God knows you didn’t contribute in their success or hard work so the least you can do is be respectful towards them.”

Another user said people shouldn't judge Lal on her previous songs, which might not be to their taste.

Part of the reason why the conversation on the PSL anthem is still being had is because cricketer Shoaib Akhtar released a "review" of the PSL anthem in which he bashed the singers and creators of the song.

Many people said his comments were below the belt, including celebrities Anoushey Ashraf and Farhan Saeed.

In a comment on Instagram, Saeed said, "This song will be a winner in the stadiums, mark it! Well done Zulfiqar J Khan, Aima Baig and of course Naseebo Lal. Great effort!"

But the initial response wasn't all that bad.

Fatima Bhutto commented on the song when it was released and said she loved it, especially Lal's part.

Singer Meesha Shafi also singled out Lal in her praise.

Cricketer Wasim Akram said Lal brought groove back to the stumps.

Regardless of whether you like the song or not, degrading someone and their work is never okay. You can dislike 'Groove Mera' and say that without bashing Lal, Baig or the Young Stunners. Not liking something doesn't give you the licence to be cruel.