Aamir Liaquat to make acting debut with pandemic comedy

Updated 05 Feb, 2021 03:40pm

Irfan Ul Haq

Bas Corona is a made-for-TV film on the problems and children of the pandemic.

MNA, televangelist, movie star. Is your resume as diverse as Aamir Liaquat's?

The colourful PTI MNA known for his Ramzan transmissions is expanding his repertoire to include acting. This will be his first time dipping his toe into the acting world if you don't count the teaser for his 2016 Pak Ramazan in which he played a martyred soldier.

He's going to be starring in Bas Corona, a made-for-TV comedy on the pandemic. Talking to Images, Liaquat said it's "about the problems and children that sprung up" during the lockdown.

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Actress Nausheen Shah will be playing his wife in the movie while veteran actor Qavi Khan and Saba Faisal will play his parents.

Bas Corona is being produced by Gold Bridge Media and will premiere on Express Entertainment.

The film has been written by Syed Sajjad Haider Zaidi but Liaquat has also written a few of the lines for the movie himself.

He described it as an interesting movie about the "private and domestic" situation created in a home during the pandemic.

Liaquat's wife Tuba Aamir made her TV acting debut in December with Bharaas on ARY Digital.

The couple also know what it's like to be cooped up at home together during the pandemic because they tested positive for the coronavirus in November.