SBP just banned subscriptions of Indian content in Pakistan and Twitter isn't happy

Published 13 Nov, 2020 02:26pm

Images Staff

"If you want to ban Indian content then go ahead but other VOD platforms must sponsor Pak shows like Churails etc," one user wrote

With more and more actors, writers, directors and technicians across Pakistan turning to digital/OTT given the lack of local streaming options, the ban on online subscriptions for streaming content from India (such as that from ZEE5) has upset audiences.

In a notification issued by the State Bank of Pakistan, all banks were instructed to stop different modes of payments, including credit cards for subscribing to Indian content, specifically mentioning the ZEE5 video-on-demand service.

Recently, five Pakistani shows had been produced on the aforementioned platform, with Mehreen Jabbar's Ek Jhooti Love Story starring Bilal Abbas and Madiha Imam being the latest addition.

Calling it a 'suppression of artistic freedom', many on social media expressed their distaste over the move, frustrated with the limitations concerning viewership of original content.

Many consider the move to be a loss for Pakistan, alone

While others are straight up annoyed with the banning culture

Some are demanding alternate solutions

While Asim Abbasi is just as heartbroken as us

Not long ago, lauded internationally and shut down in its country of origin, Churails by Asim Abbasi was taken down in Pakistan by the international video-streaming website Zee5, based on its content.

After massive uproar, the video-streaming website released a statement, calling the show their "success story" and revealing that the move was done in compliance with the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority.

Soon enough, it was up and running again.