'A home-run for misogynists': Zee5 removes Churails for Pakistan-based viewers

'A home-run for misogynists': Zee5 removes Churails for Pakistan-based viewers

"Artistic freedom squashed because it is wrongly perceived by some as a moral threat," says Asim Abbasi.
07 Oct, 2020

Ever since Asim Abbasi's Churails released on the virtual international platform Zee5, news of its content surrounding women's rights has been making headlines.

Pressing on important issues such as child abuse, forced marriages, deplorable labour conditions, domination of race and class leading to suicide and crime, as well as internalised misogyny and society's collective obsession with fair complexion, the series uncovered some harsh societal realities of Pakistan.

However, the show has now been removed for viewers accessing the Zee5 platform in Pakistan.

Taking to Twitter, Abbasi expressed his dismay at the decision, saying he was utterly disappointed that artistic freedom and content while being appreciated abroad, was being suffocated in the country of origin.

"How strange for Churails to be lauded internationally and now be shut down in its country of origin. In the very country where hundreds of artists came together to create something that could initiate dialogue and open doors for new narratives," Abbasi posted.

Revealing his distaste, Abbasi said the loss was communal; affecting not just him but the actors, writers, directors, women, and marginalised communities across the nation whose plight the show had highlighted and raised a voice for.

"Artistic freedom squashed because it is wrongly perceived by some as a moral threat. Predictable, and yet, still disappointing. For this is not just my loss. This is a loss for women and marginalised communities that this show meant to re-represent."

"This is a loss for all actors, writers, directors and technicians across Pakistan, who were hoping for digital/OTT to be their saviour. And it's a home-run for all the misogynists who have once again proven that they are the only voice that matters," Abbasi added.

Many have taken to social media in support of the series, calling the removal ignorant and hypocritical.

Featuring Sarwat Gillani, Yasra Rizvi, Nimra Bucha and Meher Bano in lead roles, Churails' narrative revolved around the girl gang's mission to expose cheating husbands through a covert detective agency.


Jill Oct 07, 2020 05:44pm
Ohhhh Pakistanis culture threatened...
D’Souza Oct 07, 2020 05:50pm
Unfortunate reality of Pakistan. Viewers may of course simply use a proxy.
Amaan Oct 07, 2020 06:17pm
The removal is shameful
Mahmood Ahmad Oct 07, 2020 06:58pm
It’s 2020 we should have to internet contact only forget the TV and movie theater content!!
Zeeshan Oct 07, 2020 11:07pm
I think the show was protested not on women issues but vulgarity. Can't they show quality content without sexual inneudos and reference?
Raza Oct 07, 2020 11:10pm
They should have rated it advised viewer caution and the works,I know it happens in our society but showing anything on the tube makes it somehow an acceptable norm and has a domino effect
Rizman Oct 07, 2020 11:51pm
Too good just saw few episode cant belive it was writen by some pakistani guy same people who act in soap drama with this séries you can see there real acting great work done by crew Too good for our blood
Toni Oct 08, 2020 03:40am
Absolutely disgraceful to remove a talented act, its a narrative was not defaming anyone by name, its a societal trait that shows, agree with this statement "removal ignorant and hypocritical.": "Many have taken to social media in support of the series, calling the removal ignorant and hypocritical."
Sane Oct 08, 2020 05:54am
Living up to our rep. Can't have progress.
Salman Oct 08, 2020 10:44am
How did they removed. PEMRA has no power on internet content.
Khawar Oct 08, 2020 05:06pm
The comments shown in this are shameful.
Khawar Oct 08, 2020 05:09pm
The people who think this is a piece of art should sit down with their entire family of 3-4 generations; dada, dadi, nana, nani, Abba, amma, behan, bhai, beta, beti; and enjoy the art together.
Brah Oct 08, 2020 06:55pm
We should be moving towards religion. All the problems this shows has answers in spirituality. No need to promote vulgarity
Laila Oct 12, 2020 02:04am
Censoring the serial only shows its all about politics. The way forward is going independent. We need a Pakistani type Netflix streaming service where neither PEMRA nor the government nor disgruntled self-proclaimed moral police have influence. Make subscription free for the first 3 - 6months to build your brand and attract viewers. Problem solved.