TikTok’s been banned in Pakistan and Twitter can't handle it

Published 10 Oct, 2020 12:39pm

Images Staff

TikTok doesn't create vulgarity, people do, they said.

Popular for its dubbing, remakes and minimal acting clips; , video-sharing service TikTok soon became a household name all around the globe - with the youth using the application to showcase their theatrical talent and engage with one another.

However, complaints were soon made regarding the "immoral/indecent" content TikTok was promoting, as suggested by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority which banned the social network in Pakistan.

Naturally, the decision caused an uproar on Twitter:

Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari straight up called the society sexist

And others pointed out how the app was more than just fun and games

Some took to protest how this was a suppression of artistic freedom

Others used this opportunity to pitch their own requests to PEMRA

While some applauded the decision

Even their priorities were confused

Saying it like it is

Divided by border, united by content

Banning is not the solution, Iqrar Ul Hassan reiterated