The ever-growing popularity of the video-sharing social media app TikTok has given many an opportunity to garner massive fan-followings and showcase their wide array of talents to millions across the globe.

One such famous personality is Jannat Mirza, the first Pakistani TikToker who has managed to gain a whopping 10 million followers on the application.

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Famous for her Bollywood lip-syncs and slow-motion transformations, she captivates the audience with her parodies, making professionals from the industry reach out to her with modelling and acting contracts.

Jannat, who is currently studying in Japan, took to Instagram to celebrate with her fans and followers, thanking them for their immense support in making her turn what was just a hobby, into something concrete.

"Am I dreaming? 10 million followers. Never imagined my passion would bring me here. Alhamdulillah, when you're not envious of others, you eventually get the fruit of it," she posted.

"Thank you so much everyone, if I'm here today it is only because of you, I love you all. Nothing without you, thanks a lot for supporting me."