The mellow track will calm your nerves.
The mellow track will calm your nerves.

Ali Sethi just released his latest track.

The singer collaborated with composer and musician, Noah Georgeson (of Narcos fame) for his single 'Khabar-e-Tahayyur-e-Ishq' which is based on a ghazal by Siraj Aurangabadi of the same name.

The song has a light and mellow tune that you can't help but relax to. Sethi's vocals are soft, never missing a note and bringing out the beauty of the ghazal. Georgeson's acoustic composition goes well with the track and despite the song being the average four minutes, it feels short simply because we wouldn't mind this playing on for longer.

The video shows the duo performing in the studio. We're glad the musicians didn't opt for an elaborate video as this worked with the song very well.