We went food trend spotting at Karachi Eat 2020. Here's what we found

Updated 13 Jan, 2020 10:45am

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Donuts and hot dogs are having their moment in the sun.

What's hot at Karachi Eat? We find out.
What's hot at Karachi Eat? We find out.

Real talk? Karachi Eat was an underwhelming experience this time around.

While the venue has been stretched to a much bigger field, we weren't smitten by the arrangements or even most of the options at the event. But like every year, we went about the place and discovered a few goodies were faring better than the others.

Nutella had its moment at Karachi Eat, so did Lotus. Even churros! So we thought what better place to go food trend spotting than the city's biggest, baddest food festival?

Here's what we think was hot at Karachi Eat 2020:


Donuts were huge all of 2019 and the trend went on in Karachi Eat. ODonut impressed us with their airy and non-greasy donuts while DipADough revealed a customer attending the event orderede a 100 donuts from them!

Hot dogs

Hot dogs haven't really gotten their chance to shine all this time, being a side item at most restos but at Karachi Eat, they got their shot at the spotlight. Drty Dogs has been one of the most popular vendors this time and the Shakester at the Cheesy Boys had their fun take which we enjoyed a lot as well.

Korean inspired flavours

We're surprised that Korean cuisine still hasn't been properly explored in a foodie city like Karachi but people are ready. The sweet and spicy flavour was huge this year with TNT's Korean nuggets, Drty Dogs Korean hotdog, Lemongrass' Korean wings, the list went on! All we ask is that someone introduce authentic Korean BBQ already!

24K gold

We love to be extra, so this trend felt made for us. Gold pizza from Crustbros, gold icecream from Rigos and even gold paan from Paanwari, there was plenty of blingy food going around! Does it add any flavour? Not really. But is it fun to say you ate gold? Yes.

Everything in a matka

Can we all just agree that food in a matka tastes different from food in a metal pot? Same with any drink! Whether you want a refreshing mint lemonade in a matka from Nawab Dynasty or zafrani matka chai from Takht-e-Chai, there were plenty of goodies available in matkay and we aren't complaining. And same went for food; from matka haleem to matka biryani, you enjoy the delicious flavours and end up with a souvenir to take home.


We know, tacos is a trend that's 'been there, done that' but hear us out. The trend is still reigning supreme at Karachi Eat with not only restaurants like Taco Cat but many restos like Pita with their shawarma taco or Muokata with their hunter meat taco all doing really well.