Medical malpractice is a scary reality in Pakistan: Ali Rehman Khan

Updated 22 Apr, 2019 04:19pm

Images Staff

After the tragic passing of Nashwa Qaiser, celebs have called for greater accountability for medical negligence

The tragic passing of nine-month-old Nashwa, who was paralysed earlier this month following the alleged administration of the wrong dosage of an injection at Karachi's Darul Sehat hospital, has shaken the nation.

Her death has sparked a conversation about the unchecked prevalence of medical negligence in Pakistan and the need to implement more robust systems of care at hospitals.

Many celebrities have spoken up about the issue, including Ali Rehman Khan who calls for more accountability for medical malpractice:

Zulfi decried the state of our medical institutions:

Armeena Rana Khan said a prayer for Nashwa:

Shafaat Ali wished for an end to medical negligence: