Aiman Khan dishes all about her wedding to Muneeb Butt

Aiman Khan dishes all about her wedding to Muneeb Butt

"When Muneeb and I first met, I was very young and he would call me his sister," revealed Aiman.
22 Apr, 2019

Actors Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt tied the knot last year in November, their one-month wedding created quite a ruckus online, with people criticising the extravagant affair.

But the couple paid no heed to any of it. Speaking to Samina Peerzada on her show, Aiman revealed that the couple didn't actually intend on having a lavish wedding.

"We didn't plan our engagement to be that long. Muneeb and my friends are all actors so it automatically became a big event; there were a lot of people so it became a grand engagement and there had never been such a big engagement on either Muneeb's side or mine."

The duo had planned to have a few separate events but because her birthday also fell in-between the shaadi functions, the wedding became an extravaganza. "We had 10 events and it was overwhelming because it was the first wedding in my family and the last in Muneeb's family."

The actor added, "We didn't lend an ear to people's criticism of our wedding, it's people's job to talk and they will. I did take it personally once when I was at my honeymoon and wondered why people would say such things, then I thought I'll let it be."

Five months into her marriage and Aiman says "Life is going great."

"Wedding life is very different, after marriage your life takes a big turn," says Aiman. Yet "nothing has changed" when it comes to her relationship with Muneeb.

"We're are still friends. I feel we're friends first and husband and wife later. The only change has been me changing my house. And yes, marriage is all about compromise and we both compromise, sometimes he does or I do. Muneeb is my first love. He is very caring and I got to know him much better after marriage. We've been together for four years now. We've become better friends since marriage, because we also share a room now and travel together."

She recalls that the first time they met at a shoot, Muneeb treated her like a sister.

"We met at a shoot of a telefilm and we were really good friends, but we had no contact because I was very young and Muneeb would call me his sister."

However, in the initial stages of their relationship, she says she kept everything hush-hush, even from her sister Minal Khan. "I didn't tell Minal because I wasn't sure if there was a future in our relationship."

Aiman does admit she planted the marriage seed into Muneeb's head after which things snowballed and the two got hitched!