When Sanju took over the Pakistani cinemas in July, Pakistani film Jackpot took a major hit.

According to film's producer, Khurram Riaz, Jackpot was unfairly treated by the management of many Pakistani cinemas where its shows were given bad slots or the film was not shown at all.

This led to the decision to pull the film from the cinemas and re-release it at a later date. Jackpot will now be out in cinemas on January 11.

"We are re-releasing Jackpot because our mega-budget film was given few screens during its first run due to its release coinciding with the mega-hit Sanju. This is despite the fact that our initial shows ran full house and they were making money off our film as well as Sanju. It was an injustice, " said Khurram to Images.

"It should be up to the people whether they want to see the film. It's shouldn't be the cinema owner's decision," he concluded.

The film was described as "a musical comedy that revolves around a lottery ticket that lands itself in one character's coat.

"From there on it travels from Pakistan to Phuket, Thailand and back again to Pakistan, and with it travel other characters running after the lottery, from one country to another. That's why the name is Jackpot," Khurram said.

The film was shot partly in Thailand, including Coral and James Bond islands — which is a first for a Pakistani film, according to Riaz.

Team Jackpot has roped in Indian cinematographer Anubhav Bansal and Shoaib Khan for direction. It has been written by Babar Kashmiri, the music director is Naveed Nashad and choreographer Sonu Dangerous.

The cast includes Javed Sheikh, Noor Hassan, Sanam Chaudhry, Inayat Khan, Reyhana Malhotra (India), Adnan Shah (Tipu), Sana Fukher, Faiza Khan, Sajan Abbas and Ismail Tara.