Faysal Quraishi and Sohail Javed announce film 'Sorry: A Love Story'

Faysal Quraishi and Sohail Javed announce film 'Sorry: A Love Story'

The film will star Faysal alongwith Aaminah Sheikh, Sonya Hussyn and Zahid Ahmed
20 Oct, 2018

Faysal Quraishi is finally set to re-enter Pakistani cinema and he's doing so with a film that he's producing himself.

The actor has joined hands with Sohail Javed for an upcoming romantic drama titled Sorry: A Love Story, which is about "the ups and downs of love, finding love, losing it, and finding it again," according to a press release.

Faysal and Sohail are co-producing the film, while Javed is directing. Asma Nabeel, who's written Maan Jao Na and TV drama Khaani, is co-writing the script with Javed. The film was announced at a press conference in Karachi yesterday and turns out Faysal Quraishi has pulled in some other big names in the cast: Aaminah Sheikh, Sonya Hussayn and Zahid Ahmed!

In conversation with Images, director Sohail Javed refrained from giving away any plot details but said this of the film's theme: "Is it easy for you to say sorry? It always takes time to say those words. It's the bravest and most honest emotion, whether forgiveness is being asked of a wife, a girlfriend, your mother or a child. The film will be loaded with romance and emotion."

Faysal reflected on the time it took for him to relaunch his film career: "Initially, I was getting approached for films, but in the last two, three years I've received a lot of offers. And I was feeling a lot of pressure from my fans to do a film. But having given so much of my life to showbiz, I needed to make sure that I join a film that positively impacts our industry. No one intentionally makes a bad film, of course, but I was looking for an interesting script, a complete film that people will remember for its characters and dialogues."

While he kept mum about his character, he made sure to say that his character is "definitely not Faysal Quraishi. I'll try that you don't see Faysal Quraishi in the film."

His co-stars are all praise for the script.

"I didn't even know the cast of the film when I signed on to Sorry," said Zahid Ahmed. "When I read the script, I was blown away. I knew I wanted to work in cinema and I could either grow old in wait for the right script or avail the one in front of me, which I thought was pretty perfect."

Aamina Sheikh said, "Through my career, it has always been about the script. If the script made me laugh or made me cry or excited me, I knew that was the script with potential. Sorry will be Faysal Qureshi's first film production. He's a phenomenal actor, a pillar of our industry, I was cast with him in my first drama serial and I learned things at turbo speed because of him. Sohail Javed is known for phenomenal aesthetics and a beautiful music sense. He's someone I trust deeply. And the cast they eventually got on board - all these elements make you feel like you're in the right playground."

"Sorry is a love story - ages ago, when we were little, we remember Waheed Murad films, the beautiful songs, the soft moments, a lovely romance. Now, romance has become crass, we've lost touch with real emotions. This film will bring us back into our original aesthetics.

Sorry’s original score will be produced by Abbas Ali Khan. This film will be shot both in Pakistan and in an international location. It will go on floors in early 2019 and is expected to release the same year.


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