Faysal Quraishi's upcoming drama Baba Jani is not a love story

Faysal Quraishi's upcoming drama Baba Jani is not a love story

The actor says his drama is going to be high on emotions. Get ready to grab some tissues.
16 May, 2018

Faysal Quraishi's latest drama sounds like it's going to be an emotional roller coaster ride.

The star's upcoming production Baba Jani is apparently not a love story, it's more of a family drama... with lots of drama. Faysal speaks to Images about the serial and here's what we know so far.

"Baba Jaani is a family drama, it's a story of a family of three sisters and one brother. I don't have a negative role. I'm playing the role of the brother, Asfand who is the second eldest."

He gives us a lowdown of his character: Asfand's character is devoted to the family. He is a simple man, and he will give up his life for his family.

"The story revolves around the situations and obstacles he has to go through to fulfill his family's wishes, and also about who treats him justly and who doesn't. It is a very emotional and very dramatic drama, and about people who'd do anything for their families," he adds.

Saba Hameed will play the role of the eldest sister, Jinaan Hussain the role of the second sister Sundas, and Adla Khan, the youngest sister. Sheheryar Zaidi has been roped in to play Saba's husband, their two children will be played by Ali Ansari, Areesha Razi and Amir Qureshi will play Sundas' husband.

The actor says, "My onscreen fiancé's character is being played by Faryal Mehmood, but the two don't end up getting married, somehow Asfand gets married to Savera Nadeem's character; her daughter's role is being played by Madiha Imam. Asfand's friend's character will be played by Tipu Shareef, whose wife's role is being played by Maria."

Confused? Yeah... it's a long list of cast members.

He also tells us that "the main conflict in the drama which will be between (my character) Asfand, Faryal's character and Madiha's."

"We want to give people a good family drama, so people can enjoy it that's the point of the drama," he says.

The serial has been written by Faiza Iftikhar and directed by Ali Faizan. Faysal has teamed up with Connect Studios for this venture. The shooting has already begun and they hope to air it sometime after Eid on GEO.


ahamed May 16, 2018 07:30pm
Can't wait to watch these great actors at play. Hope there is reality in the drama for today's world. Best.
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Be honest May 17, 2018 08:21am
Credit goes to Pakistani artists, directors, story and script writers for making outclass dramas for the viewers. Pakistan at its best.
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