Kajol is playing a helicopter mom in her next film

Published 13 Jul, 2018 04:26pm

Images Staff

The poster for the film 'Helicopter Eela' is out

Kajol will be playing an overprotective mother in upcoming film Helicopter Eela.

The actor unveiled the poster on Friday, saying ,"Holding on to my baby be like," and the hashtag motherly love.

The film, previously thought to be titled Ela, was initially about a single mother aspiring to be a singer. Now we see that it will include the element of an overprotective mother (or 'helicopter mom') who wants to be around her son at all times.

According to Indian Express, the makers described the film as, "a story of a single mother and an aspiring singer (Kajol) who gives up all her dreams to raise her only child (Riddhi Sen). Her son who is a typical young millennial doesn’t want his mother’s life to revolve around him. Being an over protective mother, she decides to join her son’s college, which eventually leads to her invading the son’s privacy."

How many desi mothers and children can relate to this? We can.

About her role in the film, Kajol said, "As a mother, I felt a real connection with Eela’s character. She loves her son unconditionally and has built her life around him. But as he grows up, she finds herself becoming more and more dispensable. She has also put her life and dreams on hold, like so many mother’s do."

She added, "This is a life situation that so many women face once their kids grow up. And, one that I will inevitably face is, what do I do now? How do I hold on to my baby? In a way, Helicopter Eela is a coming of age film, more for Eela rather than it is for her son!"

Helicopter Eela is slated for release on September 14.