Urwa Hocane claps back at Veere Di Wedding star for calling Pakistan a 'failing state'

Urwa Hocane claps back at Veere Di Wedding star for calling Pakistan a 'failing state'

"What do you expect from a state which is run by Sharia Laws?" said Swara Bhasker of the ban on Veere Di Wedding
Updated 04 Jun, 2018

Swara Bhasker clearly did not learn anything from Saif Ali Khan's 2015 blunder, but it's okay we've got Urwa to school her.

In a recent interview with CNN News18, film critic Rajeev Masand asked the Veere Di Wedding star about the ban of their film in Pakistan. She responded by calling the country a 'failing state'.

"For some reason I have to keep answering for that. I don't know why people think I'm a spokesperson for the Pakistani government. What do you expect from a state that's run by Sharia Laws?," said Swara.

"They're a nonsecular state. I'm not surprised at all. Why should we hold up Pakistan, which is a failing state -- I don't understand why we keep taking pleasure and feeling a sense of self-worth from all the silly things that happen in Pakistan. Apologies to all my Pakistani friends right now... Rest assured, Pakistanis have way worse vocabulary than we do. I know."

Urwa Hocane immediately called out the Bollywood star for her flip flopping statements and ignorance.

Funnily enough, Swara had visited Pakistan in 2005 with a friend and when she came again in 2015, she narrated tales of her first visit on show Mazaaq Raat saying she was absolutely smitten by Lahore.

"My friend and I came here and found that the state which is often viewed as the enemy state, is absolutely not like that at all. The amount of love we have received here. I have travelled to a lot of places, London, New York, Paris, Istanbul, they are all nothing compared to Lahore."

Her current statements though have caused a frenzy on social media and Swara's (ex) Pakistani fans are having none of it.