Karachi witnessed heavy rain last night and people couldn't handle it

Updated 30 Jun, 2017 11:19am

Images Staff

When rain falls from the skies, there's zero chill in the city

Rain is a rare occurrence in Karachi... but when it rains, it pours.

Last night, the city saw heavy downpour with a deafening thunderstorm and enough rain to flood parts of Karachi - which inevitably did happen.

Of course, rain = mandatory sky photos = relevant hashtags = social media uploads. BUT here's what happened instead on Twitter due to the heavy rains:

Do Talwar became a swimming pool

We got no water in our houses but we got water on the streets!

They all have been exposed due to the rain... Errr

The rain was the hero and the villain

Basically it wanted to be Sahir Lodhi for a day.

When you reach a level of elevation so high only to realise you're still sad


If only we could charge our phones with this bijli too

Like we said.. zeeeero chillll

Then there were some who were so done with rain

Because work trumps rain. Duh... NOT

Let's be real, we also ask for pakoras and chai during rain

Actually Karachiites are so sick of rain that they're tweeting about being sick of rain

Never knew that was possible.