Kajol just got on the wrong side of the beef ban in Maharashtra

Updated 02 May, 2017 05:28pm

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The actor posted a video of her restaurateur friend's beef dish. Now she's insisting it was buffalo meat

Did Kajol get caught eating beef in India?

Recently, the Dilwale actor posted a now-deleted video on Facebook and Instagram, in which she shows off the culinary inventions of her restaurateur friend Ryan Stephen. One of the dishes she is served is said to be ‘beef pepper water with dry lentils and dry beef’. By the end of the video, Kajol is heard joking 'We'll cut off his hands after this'.

The video went viral and sparked controversy about her openly flouting the beef ban in Maharashtra.

In 2015, a new law was passed in Maharashtra that banned the slaughter of bulls and bullocks, in addition to the already prohibited slaughter of cows. Under the new law, anyone found selling or in possession of beef can be jailed for five years and fined INR10,000.

Kajol was quick to address the outrage, uploading a clarification on Twitter stating: "A video of me at a friend's lunch said that there was a beef dish at the table. That's a miscommunication. What was shown was buffalo meat, that is legally available meat."

People have had lots to say about her clarification as well.

Some aren't convinced by her clarification.

Others thinks the need for the clarification's existence is ludicrous:

Kajol's haste to clarify her position on the beef ban exemplifies the undercurrent of fear that runs through Bollywood. Some, however, have been bold enough to question it: