Prepare to see Arshad Khan on the big screen!
Prepare to see Arshad Khan on the big screen!

So Arshad Khan has been a busy bee since his discovery.

Pakistan's most famous chaiwala bagged a modeling contract, starred in a music video and walked the runway. What's next for the overnight internet sensation?

According to Arshad's mamoo (maternal uncle), Arshad Khan will be acting!

Mamoo definitely wants him working in that line and says that Arshad didn't know what he was saying when he claimed acting to not be honorable work. He blames it on the reporters swarming over Arshad and overwhelming him to talk without thinking. "Usske jo moun mai aya bol diya," says the uncle.

So now that Arshad Khan has decided to venture into acting, what's the plan?

Mamoo reveals that Arshad has actually signed an agreement with a production house and is working on upcoming film Kabeer. Until his contract is complete, Arshad will not work with any other production house.

First debut movie

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But fret not! This does not mean we won't get to see Arshad Khan at all. He can still work on songs, fashion shows and commercials, and that he is doing. The internet sensation just did two more songs and wrapped up a fashion show in Lahore. He'll be coming to Karachi in a few days for another fashion show.