Arshad Khan is being quite the adventurer as he explores the world of showbiz.

Arshad, who is arguably Pakistan's most famous tea vendor, has been on morning shows, modelled for photo shoots and on the runway and has acted in a music video.

This music video is for a track called... 'Chaiwala' and has been performed by Lil Mafia Mundeer, a two-person rap group based in Lahore.

Convincing Arshad to agree to act in the music video was no easy task, reveals the band's manager DJ Danny.

"When we approached his manager, we told them that we're a good band. We're touring Punjab next month. Our campaign starts on December 5. We sent them the song and they liked it. We insisted that there is no way that Arshad can't be in the song's video. Initially, Arshad said he'd only make tea in the video and nothing else, but we insisted that he try something more. So his manager said we'll bring him to the shoot. If he manages, then well and good."

Arshad definitely does more than just chai-making in the video. He's seen taking selfies, playing with his hair, wagging his eyebrows and lightly dancing.

"We tried to make his act some more, but it didn't work," reveals Danny. "There were shots of him doing vocals of 'Chaiwala Chaiwala', but he couldn't pull off the style. It looked fake, so we scrapped those shots."

"He's not a professional. He doesn't know modelling or the ramp or acting or anything. We had to work a lot, teach him how to move and face the camera. But our director Umais Ali Khan was really good and able to bring it out of him," he adds.

For his efforts, Arshad Khan was paid a fair sum by the band, DJ Danny feels.

He revealed that Arshad had asked for Rs100,000 for his role in the music video, but they negotiated his fee down to Rs50,000. "But with accommodation, meals, costumes, etc, his total package came up to Rs70,000," he said.

Before the video went viral, the band debuted the track at a 'Leader Award Show' in Islamabad, where Arshad Khan joined them on stage for a performance.

Arshad Khan with the band at the award show where his track debuted - Photo: Facebook
Arshad Khan with the band at the award show where his track debuted - Photo: Facebook

DJ Danny also revealed that Arshad has an offer for a film that will release on Eid 2017. But he wasn't sure if Arshad was going to accept it.