Pakistan's pop icon from the 90s is not amongst us anymore.

Singer-turned-evangelist Junaid Jamshed and his wife Nayha Junaid were on board Pakistan International Airlines flight PK-661 on this day last year, which crashed en route to Islamabad from Chitral.

Junaid Jamshed and Nayha were confirmed dead.

Though he put a halt to his music career in 2004 and devoted himself fully to Islam, Junaid's songs will always be reminiscent of our childhood. When we were feeling desolate, he gave us 'Aitebar,' when we were feeling patriotic, he gave us 'Dil Dil Pakistan,' when we had a crush, he gave us, 'Sanwali Saloni,' when we were going through heartbreak, he gave us 'Samjhana,' and the list is endless.

These 9 songs top our favourites from his singing days (we can't stop listening to them on repeat </3):

1) Dil Dil Pakistan

2) Sanwali Saloni

3) Woh Kaun Thi

4) Na Tu Aaegi

5) Goray Rang Ka Zamana

6) Samjhana

7) Chehra

8) Ankhen

9) Aitebar

The real tear-jerker.