The character I play is close to who I am, says Hamza about next TV role

The character I play is close to who I am, says Hamza about next TV role

Hamza Ali Abbasi talks about his upcoming drama, Dil-e-Janam
Updated 05 Jan, 2016

Hamza Ali Abbasi's upcoming drama serial got a new title and teaser trailer (or two) this weekend.

The serial, earlier titled Tera Gham Aur Hum, is now called Dil-e-Janam (although this too is a working title) – and marks Hamza's highly awaited return to the small screen. His last serial Pyaray Afzal was a hit of almost Humsafar proportions and his pairing with TV's sweetheart Maya Ali in the upcoming serial sets similar expectations.

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How pyara will his new character be, we wonder.

"The character I play is very close to who I actually am, so that's nice," said Hamza in conversation with Images.

Dil-e-Janam's teasers paint him as a sober man who has the respect of the neighbourhood, where his character (Salahuddin) and Maya's (Manahil aka Manu) live.

Except that Manu doesn't think he's the greatest.

In the first teaser, Manu vehemently expresses her doubt about Salahuddin's 'sharafat' and tells him she hates his smile to his face.

However, the next teaser shows Maya describing her dream man and then cuts to her calling out to Hamza.

Clearly, Dil-e-Janam will be yet another love story where the woman finally sees the man as the hero that he is.

Hamza confirms our conjecture: "I would describe it as a sweet and nice love story, like most of our dramas. It's [the story] is something I personally experienced too, which makes it special for me."

Hamza's TV appearance comes a year and a half after Pyaray Afzal – and more and more of his peers are showing more interest in their movie careers. Does Hamza also see himself doing less TV in the future?

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"Our first strength has always been TV. I am what I am because of TV. If we drift away from TV entirely TV will sink. So actors who are making films, that's great, but they need to do at least one TV serial a year. Even Humuyun Saeed is appearing with Mehvish Hayat in a TV serial with that intention."