With 'Chaand Sitara', Vital Signs and Junoon greats hope to lift Pakistan's spirit

With 'Chaand Sitara', Vital Signs and Junoon greats hope to lift Pakistan's spirit

“Pakistanis are yearning for peace, hope, courage and unity," says ex-Junoon member Salman Ahmad.
Updated 11 Sep, 2015

The much anticipated reunion of Vital Signs and Junoon has finally taken a turn for the better, as former bassist for the band, Shehzad Hasan, released the teaser for 'Chaand Sitaara' on his official Facebook page.

Earlier in September, the bassist had tweeted a photo which showed Shoaib Mansoor and Junaid Jamshed in a studio together. Former guitarist for Junoon, Salman Ahmad, had also shared similar news on his social media which hinted at an imminent reunion of the singers. On another account, Junaid had also promised a 'national' song for the people of Pakistan.

The teaser which has voiceovers by Junaid Jamshed, Salman Ahmad and Shahi Hasan starts with images and videos from the past of both the bands performing and moves onto talking about the circumstance the country finds itself in.



Narrating the journey toward 'Chaand Sitara', Jamshed says in the video:

“It all started on one bright Eid day when all of us, me, Salman Ahmad, Shehzad Hasan and Shoaib Mansoor ... we all got together after years.”

'Shahi' says the experience brought back great memories from the past.

“Seeing each other, hanging out with each other reminiscing the old times, it all brought back so many memories of the golden times of our country,” he says.

“Of our youth, when we were naïve and hopeful when we used to get together to create music for Pakistanis and the whole country used to sing Dil Dil Pakistan or Jazba Junoon with us,” Salman adds.

In 'Chaand Sitaara', the melodious voice of Junaid Jamshed with Salman Ahmad’s promises to lift the spirits of a nation witnessing turbulent times.

Responding to questions over email, Salman who is currently in New York, said that he is very hopeful about the song.

“Pakistanis are yearning for peace, hope, courage and unity. 'Chaand Sitara' seems to have hit the right chord without even being released as yet.”

Giving details about 'Chaand Sitara', Salman explained,

“I had composed 'Chaand Sitara' in 2011 when Shoaib Mansoor wrote lyrics to it. During the 2014 summer I was recording new songs for Junoon 25 at Shahi (Shehzad Hasan's) studio in Karachi when on Eid, all four of us met after a very long time. Junaid heard Chand Sitara and wanted passionately to be a part of paying tribute to Pakistanis.

“Shahi produced it from scratch. He made four different arrangements of it. When the horrific December 16, Peshawar tragedy took place, we felt we needed to express our grief by doing something positive. Shahi came up with the brilliant idea of a self-narrated 'rockumentary' on Chand Sitara. It’s now racing to a million views in less than 10 hours.”

Shehzad Hasan also had similar views.

“The response is beyond our expectations. As true Pakistanis we are just doing our job without any expectations.”

Shehzad also assured that there would future ventures, “Of course. People will see more ventures like this in future. This is for Pakistan first. No religion, cast, race or politics comes before our motherland. We all are united for the sole reason.”

Salman strongly believes that the song will lift the spirits of people:

“Culture unites what politics divides. When General Zia-ul-Haq was in power, Dil Dil Pakistan raised the spirits. During the cricket World Cup, Jazba Junoon again united the country. Now it seems that the history is repeating itself. Chaand Sitara is urging Pakistanis to shine like the sun and become the light.”

Previously, he had also said that he would like a Junoon reunion in 2015, on its 25th anniversary.

“Well, its Junoon's 25th anniversary in August, I've already spoken to Ali and Brian and told them that my door is always open for them.”

Both Salman and Shehzad said Chand Sitara will be released very soon.

“The song will be released as soon as soon as Shoaib Mansoor finishes the video for it. No set date as yet but in near future,” confirms Shehzad.