Zeenat Aman remembers Nazia Hassan as the young Pakistani girl who revolutionised the way South Asians disco

Zeenat Aman remembers Nazia Hassan as the young Pakistani girl who revolutionised the way South Asians disco

The Bollywood icon marked 44 years of Qurbani with an ode to the late pop legend who left us all too soon.
22 Jun, 2024

Bollywood icon Zeenat Aman recently took to Instagram to celebrate 44 years of Qurbani and reminisce about the time her fate was intertwined with that of the late Pakistani pop sensation, Nazia Hassan.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Aman recalled her chance encounter with Nazia and her brother-cum-partner Zoheb Hassan, which later shaped the trajectory of their careers.

It all began on a weary evening in London, where Aman found herself approached by a polite yet persistent Pakistani family. Despite her fatigue from the day’s shoot, she extended a courtesy to the family that soon joined her in her hotel suite.

“There was a family of three waiting for me in the lobby of my London hotel, but I was not keen to make small talk with fans. I had just wrapped a day of shoot, and all I wanted was silence, a hot shower and my bed,” recalled Aman.

“Yet my convent school education would not allow me to be rude. So I smiled sweetly and took a seat with my thoughts wandering to the luxurious suite that awaited me just a few floors above,” she added.

“The lady was elegant. Her name was Muniza. And with her were her two teenage children. A quiet girl named Nazia and a boy named Zoheb. I hadn’t planned to entertain them for long but soon found myself drawn into deep dialogue with Muniza. They were a charming and cultured family of Pakistani origin, and to my surprise I found myself inviting them to join me in my suite. That night I learnt that Nazia and Zoheb were pursuing music, and I even enjoyed a brief demo of young Nazia’s pipes,” revealed the acting legend.

The connection between Aman and Nazia deepened when the former introduced the latter’s talent to renowned actor-director Feroz Khan during the making of the 1980 blockbuster film Qurbani.

Khan, impressed by Nazia’s voice, promptly enlisted her to record what would become the iconic song ‘Aap Jaisa Koi’. Produced under the tutelage of music maestro Biddu, the song soared to unparalleled heights, defining an era of disco music in South Asia.

Reflecting on the legacy of Qurbani and Nazia’s pivotal role in it, Aman expressed her admiration for the young prodigy whose brief yet impactful life left an everlasting mark on the music scene. “To me, there is only one breakthrough performance in the film, and that’s Nazia’s,” she remarked, acknowledging the influence Nazia had on shaping the cultural landscape of Indian and Pakistani music.

Nazia’s untimely demise in 2000 left a void in the hearts of her fans and admirers, including Aman, who fondly remembered her as a “shooting star who blazed hot, bright and fast.” Despite her brief time in the limelight, Nazia’s legacy lives on through her music, forever etched in the hearts of those who continue to groove to the beats of ‘Aap Jaisa Koi’, ‘Boom Boom’, ‘Disco Deewane’ and many more.

In Aman’s words, “The song [‘Aap Jaise Koi’] belongs entirely to that young Pakistani girl who revolutionised how we South Asians disco.”


Taj Ahmad Jun 22, 2024 03:14pm
What a great song sung by Nazia Hasan and acted by actress Zeenat Aman in film Qurbani. This song is still popular after 44 years.
Syed Hasni Jun 22, 2024 08:24pm
That is a very kind gesture on Zeenat Aman to remember Nazia in her blog. Don Amar Akbar Anthony Great Gambler These are just a few of the many memorable performances that Zeenat Aman gave throughout her illustrious career. Her timeless appeal and enduring legacy have made her a true icon of Indian cinema and a source of inspiration for generations of actors.
Tan Jun 22, 2024 10:39pm
Hhm. But Nazia mom said : Z.Aman was family friend. Its true Zeenat introduce Nazia. Then was sent to Biddu. Well now hear truth from horses mouth.
Mohsin Raza Khan Jun 22, 2024 10:41pm
Nazia was truly an icon. May her soul rest in peace
Asad Jun 23, 2024 04:13am
Pakistan talent is always superb. No one in Sputh asia can match it. Nazia Hassans songs were no 1 in Brazil for weeks.
Prakash Kantilal Vora Jun 23, 2024 12:00pm
Music has no borders.
Mahakaal Jun 23, 2024 12:43pm
Surya Kant Agrawal Jun 23, 2024 01:11pm
My youth was hooked on to Aap Jaisa
Anupam Gupta Jun 23, 2024 03:56pm
That song became a symbol of teenagers wanting to "Disco". And 44 years later, it still is. My daughter, all of 4 months then, used to wriggle to the beat whenever it was played. And her 8 year old daughter dances to it now. What a great song
Syed Shahzad Bukhari Jun 23, 2024 05:32pm
Great admiration of a legend singer by a legend movie star.....Nazia lived v short in the music fraternity but the impact she left is ever green and refreshing whenever we listen her and his brother songs.
Ranga Jun 23, 2024 07:41pm
Great story! We need more like these.
Factsmatter Jun 23, 2024 11:23pm
Nazia will never be forgotten. Her songs will live on forever.
Imran Khan Jun 25, 2024 11:28am
I wish more women like zeenat aman and Nazia bloom and flourish here.
Mona Jun 25, 2024 03:25pm
Zeenat never acted in Amar Akbar Anthony.
Hashim Baber Jun 27, 2024 01:22pm
The good die young! But Nazia's legacy lives on.