From ‘Dum Dum Dee Dee’ to ‘Aankhein Milane Wale’: Remembering Nazia Hassan with six iconic songs

From ‘Dum Dum Dee Dee’ to ‘Aankhein Milane Wale’: Remembering Nazia Hassan with six iconic songs

The Queen of Pop of South Asia passed away in London from lung cancer 22 years ago.
13 Aug, 2022

Regarded as the Queen of Pop of South Asia, Nazia Hassan is a known name when it comes to Pakistani music. From hit singles such as ‘Aap Jaisa Koi’, her debut song at the age of 15, to ‘Boom Boom’, her discography is timeless. Two decades after her death, the singer is remembered for her timeless melodies. On her 22nd death anniversary, we’re remembering the legend with six of her songs that we hold very close to our hearts.

Born on April 3, 1965, Nazia passed away after losing a battle to cancer on August 13, 2000. The world still celebrates the pop icon 22 years on.

Here are six of our favourites by the singer.

‘Aap Jaisa Koi’

Disco instrumental and Nazia’s soft vocals blend effortlessly in this classic that makes anyone, of any age, groove. It takes us back to the good old days when we travelled in the family car armed with a cassette of the pop singer’s hits.

‘Boom Boom’

This upbeat disco track that released in 1982 is still very trendy 40 years later. The evergreen beauty and her soft vocals blend perfectly in this iconic song too. We love Meesha Shafi’s rendition, but the OG holds a special place in our hearts.

‘Disco Deewane’

Love for ‘Disco Deewane’ is so widespread, even borders can’t contain it. But Karan Johar’s revamped version for his film Student of the Year doesn’t hold a candle to the original 1981 Nazia version.

‘Aankhein Milane Wale’

As if her voice wasn’t enough, the visuals of Nazia in princess-like attire makes this 1983 melody even more special.

‘Dum Dum Dee Dee’

If we were to pick our favourite out of the bunch it would be ‘Dum Dum Dee Dee’ simply for Nazia’s voice and the music video that still looks straight out of a Disney film. The music video opens to a message that the song is Nazia and her brother Zoheb Hassan’s take on Alice in Wonderland.


Nazia’s ‘Dosti’ was the first friendship anthem we ever heard as children. Years later it still remains the best one not just for us but for many who still remember her and her songs.


Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Aug 13, 2022 02:57pm
Brint them on.
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surya kant Aug 13, 2022 03:01pm
Aap Jaisa Koi was rage in India. We as youngsters would use 25 Paise coin to play this song on machine
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Tajammal Aug 13, 2022 03:28pm
'Nightingale of Pakistan'
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Syed A. Mateen Aug 13, 2022 03:40pm
Nazia Hassan was heartbeat of every teenager of yesteryears is still alive in the hearts of many who are still alive. People remember Nazia Hassan on her every birthday and on her death anniversary. She left uncounted fans alone and did not gave time to say good bye to her for ever. There are many in country and abroad who still miss her live songs and will always regret that Naiza Hassan is no more among us. One wish if she can come back but thats not how nature works. I had the opportunity to meet Nazia Hassan's father who was a businessman and was invited at a reception at Avari Towers lawn when Basir Hasan was appointed at Honorary Consul General. Her mother Muneeza Hasan was a social worker and when I had the opportunity to meet her several years ago while we two spoke about Nazia Hassan, Muneeza was in tears. Nazia Hassan in fact became a house hold name of every young boy and girl but at last she could not survive very long due to cancer. May her soul rest in peace. Ameen
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Syed Hasni Aug 13, 2022 03:46pm
She was the Queen of South Asian pop, she was one of the most influential singers in the subcontinent. Beauty, talent and Style Thy name is Nazia.
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Reality Aug 13, 2022 05:32pm
Only her bollywood related songs became super hits local ones were only known locally
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Shaun Aug 13, 2022 08:13pm
Bollywood made her GREAT.
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Faisal Aug 13, 2022 08:54pm
Khushi and Ajnabi are not on the list. Hence I didn’t vote for any. These two songs are the real ear candy for any Pak music lover.
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Sayeeda Hassan Aug 13, 2022 10:25pm
Very natural n fact of life in melody song.Even she z great to act with heart touching voice.A man becomes a cheerful n life enjoyable.
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Sayeeda Hassan Aug 13, 2022 10:33pm
It z amazing heart touching song. India got a cheerful song according to its film atmosphere Even youngsters got a good melody song .very popular became inIndo' Pak music world
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Sayeeda Hassan Aug 13, 2022 10:41pm
Nadia Hassan was a popular Bollywood singer around in young circle
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Sayeeda Hassan Aug 13, 2022 10:45pm
Nazia Hassan a melodious n nightangle of Pakistan
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M. Emad Aug 14, 2022 01:06am
Nazia Hassan's songs now Old Style.
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Yogesh Jadhav Aug 14, 2022 01:16am
Nazia Hassan will always have a very special place in the hearts of us all who grew up into our teens in the 80’s. Way ahead of the time was She and in her brief time amongst us ....left us with evergreen ... everlasting treasure. Her voice... young and magical. Her presence ... full of grace. Pakistan looked and felt very different through her songs. I pray her legacy is never lost.
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M. Emad Aug 14, 2022 04:53am
Young generations don't like old-style songs.
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Winner Imran Aug 14, 2022 06:05am
Always in our hearts.
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RAaja Raman Aug 14, 2022 11:31am
What a golden voice... Gone too soon. Aap jaisa was my favourite song. RIP Nightingale. You always live in our hearts. Love from India.
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