Updated 12 Jun, 2024

Someone tell Talha Anjum to go easy. No, seriously. The rap prodigy is back with a brutal diss track titled ‘Kaun Talha’ — an introduction to Talha Anjum, not that he needs one.

The track is a response to Indian rapper Naezy, who in a recent interview asked, “Kaun Talha?” — the audacity — when asked about his possible collaborations with Pakistani acts.

If you ask me, it is borderline criminal that the song — 4.5 minutes long — is so short and sweet, given that my definition of sweet is spitting expletives and dropping truth bombs.

Produced by Umair, it kicks off with a nursery rhyme-like sample and transitions into Anjum spitting verses over a cool synthesised beat playing on loop. He asks “Kaun Talha [Talha who]?” and references Indian rappers like KR$NA and Divine, who can answer that question for anyone who missed the memo.

Anjum, bearing no symptoms of imposter syndrome, fully recognises his impact on the music industry, not just in Pakistan but in the whole of South Asia, stating, “Tu nae karsakta jo karchuka jo Talha [You can’t do what Talha’s done]. Tehes nehes karun Naezy [I can destroy Naezy].”

For anyone confused about whether he names the rapper — since the lyrics aren’t out yet — Anjum goes on to clearly say, “Saaray bolo f** Naezy, saaray bolo f*** Naezy* [Everyone say f*** Naezy].” And to assure everyone that this is a response to disrespect and not an unwarranted attack on the artist, he adds, “Mainay rapper tabah kiye, list hai, tu khud he hua uspe sign up [I have destroyed rappers, there’s a list, you signed yourself up for this].”

‘Kaun Talha’ is reminiscent of Faris Shafi’s ‘Introduction’ without sounding anything like it, simply because of the intent. It is raw, rebellious and everything Anjum’s fans have been craving, including myself.

The rapper is known to drop melancholic tracks that speak volumes about his command over the Urdu language and his ability to fuse it with English and still deliver a sentence that doesn’t sound half-baked or cringe. Through his music, he carves narratives that resonate with everyone but are unique to his experiences.

Unlike most contemporary rappers, Anjum has rarely had to rely on heartbreak anthems to stay relevant and his songs aren’t heavy on the components of modern-day rap either — money, sex and all that jazz. His debut album Open Letter is proof of that.

But ‘Kaun Talha’ is different. Not because it employs these themes to stand out but because it is tailor-made to respond to the audacity of anyone questioning his existence. It is written with the intent to usher his frustration over those who continue to question his relevance and artistry. It is delivered with that intent too.

There is no sugar-coating in ‘Kaun Talha’. It is a confrontation. A declaration of one’s unmissable mark on music and the people that music has touched. It is an assertion of Anjum’s influence and popularity.

It is also demonstrative of his ability to hit back, in true hip-hop fashion, at anyone when snubbed. Anjum calls Naezy, fake, chaalsaz, aafat and half-cut in the song that is designed to drag his name through the mud. If it’s saying anything about Anjum that hasn’t already been said, it’s that you don’t mess with him.

Aside from being borderline threatening, the song is also catchy. The trap beat melts down in the middle of the track, changing the whole feel of it. The breakdown is reminiscent of Kendrick’s diss track ‘Euphoria’. The entire situation could easily remind us of the Drake versus Kendrick beef, except Anjum didn’t come with warnings. He came with a bazooka of insults and respectfully fired.


Naeem Jun 10, 2024 08:06pm
Very disappointing outburst by the Pakistani rapper. This was an opportunity to be humble and say, “yes I’m not a big name, but I’m doing the best I can”, but no he has to behave like a petulant child. This is why Pakistan loses in cricket too, this attitude.
Taj Ahmad Jun 10, 2024 10:49pm
Everyone loves music and music is soul of life of human and even animal loves them as well. Pakistan and India have lots of talents in music and singing industry.
Regs Jun 10, 2024 11:56pm
wth, I don't know who this Talha guy is neither Naezy.
Matt Jane Jun 11, 2024 01:56am
Who is Talha is a genuine question. This song is a pretty petty and unbecoming of a good artist, if that’s what he thinks he is in this world.
Ron Jun 11, 2024 04:54am
Vulgur languange-Shame
Karmesh Jun 11, 2024 01:37pm
Absolute waste of talent. The way Naezy is great because it's not the backing track but the lyrics. This guy Talha has not been able to go deep. Using profanity and vulgarity, any rapper starting to learn can use and we have millions of such songs. Being a rapper is being a poet. Talha missed out. No India-Pakistan here please.
Rizwan Jun 11, 2024 07:40pm
@Naeem you clearly don't know how things in rap world work. Rap is anything but humble.
Rizwan Jun 11, 2024 07:41pm
Who are these Indian and Pakistani guys?. Ohh wait I don't care.
Mahakaal Jun 12, 2024 01:58pm
I also don't know who this Talha is?
Fawaz Ahsan Jun 13, 2024 09:38pm
@naeem why should he act humble and all when someone is literally disrespecting him, he is a king in the desi hip hop not a new artist. He wasn't behaving like a petulant child rather he is sticling up for himself and rejects to take any disrespect from anyone, and the statement passed by narzy was clearly out of ego and disrespect bcz anyone in the desi hip hop scene knows who THE TALHA ANJUM is.
Fawaz Ahsan Jun 13, 2024 09:43pm
@matt jane I dont think u are involved in the rap scene, it's not petty rather properly justified, in the interview naezy said no i don't have talha in the list of artists i want to collab with but then instantly switched and said kaun talha, just to become or rather act as if he's cool when he is anything but. When u tease the lion, expect to get attacked. And just for your information Anjum didn't even use 10% if his skills else naezy would've came out with a apology note, this guy has released disses in the past aswell and they were brutal, and when i say brutal i mean BRUTALLL, he ended the careers of many rappers so yeah.
Fawaz Ahsan Jun 13, 2024 09:49pm
@karmesh since for about 5 years takha had not released a single diss track on anyone, he was releasing pure melodies which the public loved alot some of the one's that got crazy viral were "gumaan", " Downers at dusk", "come through" Etc, but many of his OG listeners were aching for the hardcore anjum but he didn't release any diss in 5 years but when someone disrespects you and tries to thorw mud on your name which took you time to make, u will retalliate and no one retalliates with shero shayari, if u are in a heated fight, do you start singing melodies, no, u start to fight using harsh statements, the same is what talha did, and naezy needed this, the profanity was needed to set an example for evergone to not to mess with him and if they do, this will happen with them too.