Talha Anjum drops new music track ‘NEVERMIND’ in collaboration with Indian rapper Calm

Talha Anjum drops new music track ‘NEVERMIND’ in collaboration with Indian rapper Calm

The two-part rap song is produced by Umair Music who connects the two artists from Karachi and New Delhi.
25 Aug, 2022

In a musical cross-border collaboration, Pakistani rapper Talha Anjum, one half of the popular Young Stunners duo, and Indian rapper Siddhant Sharma (whose stage name is Calm) have come up with creative and ferociously fast wordplay with a beat that slaps for their new song ‘NEVERMIND’.

On Wednesday, the ‘Afsanay’ singer posted the song on his Instagram account and wrote, “‘NEVERMIND’ with Calm is out now. Produced by Umair Music.” He added “PK x IN” to point out that it is a collaboration with an artist from our neighbouring country.

The single is split into the ‘Gumaan’ singer’s rap and Calm’s. The Pakistani rapper takes to the mic first and works his magic, then handing it over to Calm who spits fire into the track. The two-part song is tied together perfectly with Umair’s catchy beat.

Anjum shared the song on his Instagram story as well, adding GIFs of the two national flags swaying side-by-side.

Calm posted a teaser for his fans before the release of the track and hinted at something coming out that night.

He then put up the illustration designed for the song and pasted a link with the two flags, hinting at a cross-border collaboration.

Sharma belongs to a rap duo as well — with his professional partner Abhijay Negi (stage name Encore ABJ), he forms Seedhe Maut. The pair is working to rev up the hip-hop scene in India. The Seedhe Maut official account quoted a line from the song in the comment section that Umair pinned. “Sampark” roughly translates to connection or communication.

Fans love the combination of Anjum’s smooth delivery and Calm’s iconic, fiery verbiage. They’re calling the collab a “masterpiece”.

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