22 Mar, 2022

Coke Studio bid adieu to season 14 with 'Phir Milenge' featuring Faisal Kapadia and Young Stunners. In an exclusive listening session with Spotify a day before the release, Kapadia revealed that his first time watching the final product gave him chills. Today, people who listened to the season finale would agree with him. The 13th and final song marks the second song of the season for Talha Anjum and Talha Yunus and Kapadia's first solo song since Strings.

In the live session, the singer had mentioned that he had no plans to launch a solo career after 33 years of being known as Strings alongside Bilal Maqsood. "We decided in March 2021 that Strings will end and honestly I had no idea to start my journey again and I was thinking okay, I've done music for 30 years so I'm just going to travel and do something else," said Kapadia.

"Then I get a call from Xulfi three months that he has a song for me. In my wildest imagination I had no idea. But the conversation with him [Xulfi] it just started and I got so inspired and it made me realise that Coke Studio season 1 started and I was a part of it as Strings. Moving forward came season 7 when we were part of the production and now season 14. If I'm getting an opportunity for a career again, then there's something divine," said the singer.

The singer also took to Instagram and shared a BTS with the band from the set location of their current song. "'Phir Milenge' is a song about memories, when someone has gone from your life but is still in your heart and soul. And where does the story end? On a new day, when we meet again," said Xulfi.

Associate producer Abdullah Siddiqui also penned a few words for the finale on Instagram. "I will never forget when I played the demo for 'Phir Milenge'. Xulfi and I knew at that point that this song was special, and that it would be the one we end the season with," he wrote.

For Siddiqui the piano notes and darkened room that made him and others realise that this specific song meant a lot for them. He ended his caption with a note for Coke Studio listeners and hoped that they like the song. For now, he's still trying to wrap his head around the fact that the season has ended.

On Twitter, people loved the song. In fact, they believe this season was the best ever.

'Phit Milenge' literally translates to we will meet again and is a touching farewell to an experimental and emotional season.


NYS Mar 22, 2022 11:57pm
2022 Coke studio season was stunning bid Adieu & À tres bientôt
Sofia Kasim Mar 24, 2022 05:18pm
Just WOW!!!