Going loco for local: Nibble on Nibl’s granola bars

Going loco for local: Nibble on Nibl’s granola bars

With the diverse array of flavours, there's something to satisfy every palate, ensuring everyone finds their perfect match.
16 Feb, 2024

Have you seen how expensive imported granola bars are now? You have to sell a kidney (or two) to procure a box of Nature Valley’s sawdust. That is why I’m always on the hunt for local options. A good granola bar really hits the perfect spot between snack and meal.

Lo-and-behold it was my lucky day when Nibl sent a cute, purple box full of granola bars to our office. The bars, wrapped in colourful packaging, each have different health benefits and come in five different flavours: raisin and coconut (rich in iron), pistachio and pomegranate (vitamin B6 rich), chocolate and peanut butter (protein rich), chocolate and walnut (omega-3 boost), and coffee and cinnamon (anti-oxidant rich). The bars are also whole grain, chemical-free and preservative-free.

After admiring the packaging and contemplating which flavour we wanted to try the most, we went with the only logical route — opening and trying all of them at once. The granola bars were not what I was expecting, instead of the usual crunchy bite, these were softer and chewier in the best way possible, similar to Quaker Oats’ chewy bars.

My favourite flavour was chocolate and walnut because it literally felt like biting into a delicious, chewy walnut brownie. The pistachio and pomegranate was a close second, with a prominent nutty profile and an aftertaste of pomegranate that felt like molasses. Someone in the office described it as baklava in a granola bar form — and we trust her because she grew up in the Middle East.

Coffee connoisseurs loved the coffee and cinnamon flavour, with hints of the latter shining through. Another office favourite was the peanut butter and chocolate bar, with an unmistakable essence of roasted peanuts, lending a nutty undertone that adds depth and complexity to the flavour profile, however, it was the generous chunks of chocolate that truly elevated the granola bar to new heights of indulgence.

My least favourite bar was the coconut and raisin, but that’s purely because I absolutely abhor raisins. Those more accepting of its fruity profile may enjoy this flavour.

Nibl’s granola bars are a great local alternative — not just for the costly imported options; they also serve as a quick replacement for breakfast if you’re in a hurry, or a healthy-ish snack if you’re on the go.

Whether enjoyed as a midday pick-me-up or a guilt-free treat after dinner, these granola bars will definitely offer something for even the most discerning of palates.

The granola bars are available on Nibl’s website and are delivered throughout Pakistan. One bar costs Rs200, and they also offer a variety pack of five mini bars for Rs550 so you can try all the flavours and invest in your favourite.

These are worth trying for sure!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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Going Loco For Local


Taj Ahmad Feb 16, 2024 05:58pm
Healthy food, all age people old and young should try it.
Taj Ahmad Feb 17, 2024 12:25am
Granola Bar very tasty and delicious, please try it.
Eusabeha Feb 17, 2024 03:33pm
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM, super healthy too!
Kulsoom Farhat Feb 17, 2024 04:22pm
My favorite one has been raisin and coconut....worth trying
Yousuf Feb 17, 2024 05:46pm
Is good
M. Emad Feb 18, 2024 12:02am
'Expensive imported granola bars' --VS-- Sasta desi roti.