Updated 01 Feb, 2024

The State Bank of Pakistan launched an art competition for new banknote designs and asked artists, designers and art students to send in their designs.

What the SBP did not anticipate is X (formerly Twitter) users jumping at the opportunity to create some excellent memes — or should we say art?

Here are our top 11 picks for what the new currency could potentially be.

1. Chahat Fateh Ali Khan

Leagues better than Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Chahat is a national treasure who could be immortalised on the rupee note.

2. Dua (from ArshadReels)

Arguably the most famous Pakistani at the moment, Dua has celebrities and content creators all over the world remixing her reels. She is an icon and she IS the moment. Put her on all the money.

3. Hello Kitty X Pakistan

The collaboration we never knew we needed, but now that we’ve seen it we can’t get over it. This will definitely add some much-needed cuteness to the currency.

4. Babar Azam

This isn’t even a meme — we think most Pakistanis would agree with putting King Bobby on the Rs5,000 note. Perhaps a few years down the line this note will be a reality, after all he is one of the finest (pun intended) batsmen in the world.

5. Disappointed Cricket Fan

Speaking of cricket, perhaps no image from the game is as famous as the disappointed cricket fan — aka Muhammad Sarim Akhtar — who went viral for his reaction to the Pakistani cricket team’s performance against the Australian team. Putting him on the rupee can be a constant reminder of how unreliable our sports teams can be.

6. Batman

This design and the effort that went into it is impressive! Maybe Pakistan does need the Dark Knight to come and save it (and its economy).

7. Taylor Swift

Speaking of economy savers, perhaps Taylor Swift can come to our aid after she gave a $5.7 billion boost to the US economy, according to the Washington Post. We just need one concert — or maybe two or three.

8. Mahira Khan

Or perhaps, we can have a Pakistani superstar instead. Our only suggestion — use a picture of Khan from Humsafar instead because that was a cultural reset for our country.

9. Talha Anjum

Who better than one of the best rappers in Pakistan to feature on the Rs5,000 note? The sneer definitely adds to the overall vibe, and would definitely make anyone think twice before they spend money. Talha Anjum WILL be judging you.

10. Imran Khan

Netizens made several edits featuring Imran Khan and this one was our favourite. The editing on this has layers that keep on giving, from Imran in a superhero costume to “Daulat-e-Ishq Pakistan” (Bank of Love Pakistan). Perhaps it has too many pictures of Khan sahib but that is how his fans love it.

11. Chocolate coins

Surely, this would solve all national and international economic crises? The BEST suggestion, in our expert opinions.


Khaled Feb 01, 2024 06:11pm
How about Abdul Sattar Edhi.
Yusuf Feb 01, 2024 08:37pm
Maula Jutt perhaps?
well-wisher Feb 01, 2024 10:07pm
Jinnah gave you Pakistan but that trust was broken always while voters watched and let the world laugh. Change of art will do nothing. Sincere respect and love for PK will turn it around. HARD WORK AND CLEAN HEART ARE IMPORTANT.
Shailesh Feb 01, 2024 10:14pm
Nice initiative by State Bank of Pakistan, love from India
ST Feb 01, 2024 10:30pm
Onion. ;p. A valuable asset these days
Al Athar Feb 01, 2024 10:44pm
Nonsensical article and pictures. I hope the writers are not serious. Yes Edhi would be a great choice.
Tariq Iqbal Feb 01, 2024 11:41pm
Immense survey needed about Pakistan with the collaboration of Archaeology department, instead pictures of dignitaries/personalities without discriminations;this will also introduce to tourists of the world to enhance revenue of Pakistan ,I think there are 1800 sites in our country .
jsav12 Feb 01, 2024 11:56pm
Cannot load tweets
Taj Ahmad Feb 02, 2024 12:23am
I think we should keep Rs.1 with Jinnah photo, Rs.5 Liaqat Ali, Rs.10 Sir Syed, Rs.50 Iqbal, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.1000 and Rs.5000 Fatima Jinnah or they can reverse it.
Taj Ahmad Feb 02, 2024 12:30am
Another idea, keep M A Jinnah photo in all Pak Currencies Rs. 1 to Rs.5000 and in coins they can have any famous person engraved photo in science, doctor, Artist, sports top players, Edhi Sahib as well.
Taj Ahmad Feb 02, 2024 12:35am
M A Jinnah photo on Rs.1000 and Rs.5000 and rest all SBP Governor's photos since August 1947 till now.
Ali Hussain Syed Feb 02, 2024 01:18am
Hilarious submissions, but Abdul Sattar Edhi no one submitted. I will vote for Edhi Sahib.His picture should be on 20 or 50 rupees denominators because most of our economically less privileged population will possess the legacy of Edhi Sahib.
Dr Abdul Malik Feb 02, 2024 02:19am
I strongly feel that no one is more worthy than (late) Mr Edhi of the picture on rupee bank note. He is our nation’s pride and hero. I also would like to recommend Asma Jehangir’s picture. She served the nation selflessly and fearlessly.
Syed Hasni Feb 02, 2024 02:23am
Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination. – Oscar Wilde Should be the Tag line for this State Bank initiative.
gjfkgj Feb 02, 2024 02:53am
No good quality arts lefts in this country. What a shame!
Jamal Anjum Feb 02, 2024 03:03am
It is sad but I expected it. There is not one design/artwork depicting a Pakistani scientists, educationist or a genuine social worker.
Hooria Feb 02, 2024 05:10am
Hilarious suggestions
Dr. Abdul Khaliq Feb 02, 2024 07:05am
Put the name of Dr. Illama Iqbal (Shair-e-Mashriq)
Lawrence Feb 02, 2024 08:25am
So no serious suggestions.
Kashif Ajaz Feb 02, 2024 08:35am
How about a Markhor image on 5K note.
Ilyas Feb 02, 2024 12:23pm
Please restrict the picture to only and only Quaid Azam only.
Shabnam Feb 02, 2024 03:34pm
Mahira Khan and Imran Khan's photos look impressive.