A tweet reminded us of how unhinged Bollywood’s lyric game can actually be

A tweet reminded us of how unhinged Bollywood’s lyric game can actually be

More than half of the suggestions for most 'insane' lyrics are unsurprisingly from Salman Khan songs.
31 Jan, 2024

A person on X (formerly Twitter) asked people to drop lyrics that showed how “insane” an artist’s “pen game was” and people took the challenge literally — by sharing some of the weirdest and most insane lyrics they could find.

While there were some great, very apt responses, the hilarious quote tweets showcasing some of Bollywood’s most absurd lyrics stood out to us the most. Their music industry has produced some real gems that will definitely go down in history as the artist having “insane pen game”.

Here are our top 10 tweets, exhibiting the best (or worst) of Bollywood.


Okay, we’re not going to lie — this was pretty iconic. After rediscovering ‘Dard-e-Disco’, thanks to the tweet, we keep trying to test this stroke of lyrical genius.

Disco — San Fransisco — Disco — San Fransisco

Does it actually rhyme? The jury’s still out. Javed Akhtar also went on to rhyme “pichle mahiyne ki chabees ko” [the 26th of the last month] with disco and San Fransisco. Genius? We think so.

‘Tujhko Mirchi Lagi Toh Main Kya Karoon’

Next up… a little offensive, but the energetic dancing definitely helps. We can’t help but burst out laughing when this plays.

‘Main Ladki Po Po Po’

What? We are at a complete loss for words for this one…

‘Emosanal Attyachar’

Now this is some intentional absurdism, done phenomenally from the lyrics to the actors’ performance in Elvis-esque costumes. According to the Hindustan Times, this song was the “one song that could have been singularly responsible for driving audiences to the theatre to watch a movie in 2009”. It goes to show that intentional whimsical moments can be done tastefully.

And now, for a series of Salman Khan songs.

‘Fevicol Se’

Calling alcohol “grape’s daughter” is not too unhinged, but as the Twitter user says, it is rather genius. Metaphoric. Poetic in a way mere mortals would not understand. Poetic in a way that even Shakespeare would be a little lost.

‘Let’s Dance Chotu Motu’

This one is for our readers who need a refresher on their nursery rhymes. Or if you want the children in your life to learn poems with a fresh new spin, this is our solution for you!

‘Mere Baap Ki Beti’

If someone in your life can’t figure out the complex and multi-faceted relationships and their respective titles in sub-continental culture, you can show them this video. “Bhai, beta, bhanja” are all covered. Khan stays winning.

‘Kaise Bani Kaise Bani — The Chatni Song’

The lyrics for this one are simply incredible. Perhaps what makes it even better is the eccentric — to put it mildly — dancing, with the backup dancers in sparkling pink gear forming a human aeroplane around Khan and the heroine. We dare you to not have this stuck in your head.

‘Po Po’

Sometimes lyrics aren’t even needed. Speechless.

Honourable Mention: ‘Eye to Eye’

This absolute bop may not be Bollywood, but we believe it deserves an honourable mention. How could it not? With lyrics like “stylish, excellent human eyes,” and soft jazzy melodies, it has us swaying at the office.