Twitter is loving every second of the fairytale romance in the TV drama Fairytale

Twitter is loving every second of the fairytale romance in the TV drama Fairytale

The Ramazan special series will end soon as the month concludes, but worry not, you can binge-watch all the episodes on HUM TV's YouTube channel.
19 Apr, 2023

Every Ramazan, there is an influx of special television dramas on our screens. Amidst the many Ramazan specials, one show has managed to stand out and catch the attention of people on and offline.

Fairytale, telecasted on HUM TV, has slowly but steadily crept into the hearts of Pakistan dramas fans on Twitter. It is a satirical play that centres on the idea of a ‘perfect life’.

Produced by Momina Duraid Productions and directed by Paristan and Pyari Mona director Ali Hasan, the drama shows a humorous take on life, relationships, and dreams. Written by Saira Majeed, Fairytale tells the story of Umeed, a young middle-class girl who dreams of living the life of a princess and is always trying to find ways to become rich quickly.

Umeed receives an invitation to a show that promises to make her dreams come true but she soon realises that there are no fairies or magical spells and everything comes with a hefty price tag.

The show, along with Hamza Sohail who plays its protagonist Farjad, frequently trend on the social media. Umeed, played by Sehar Khan is also getting immense love for her performance.

Not only will you find the actors and drama among the trends, but if you scroll through Twitter, you’ll also come cross numerous fan edited videos of the main couple for their ship that fans call “Farmeed”.

Obviously someone had to use a Taylor Swift song for the couple, because what’s love without Swift’s music playing in the background?

Fans love how the show is showing popular romance troupes but adding its own touch.

Of course, Twitter had to show appreciation for Farjad in a simple black kurta.

The black kurta is SYMBOLIC, guys.

If you haven’t experienced the Farmeed magic yet, you can watch all the episodes on HUM TV’s YouTube channel. The drama airs at 7pm on TV and will end soon as the month of Ramazan concludes.