10 Jan, 2024

When news of Hania Aamir’s new ‘beau’ surfaced on social media, we were skeptical — with good reason. In the past couple of years, Pakistani brands and celebrities have discovered shock advertising and we hate it. Aamir’s ‘romance’ with singer Haider Mustehsan turned out to be just that — an advertisement for his new song.

Social media was rife with speculation — and drama — after pictures surfaced of Aamir in Murree with a mystery man’s arm strategically featured in them.

Next came a romantic picture featuring Mustehsan carrying Aamir in his arms accompanied by poetic song lyrics in the caption.

And then came the final post, announcing the release of Mustehsan’s new song ‘Dhanak’.

All the Hania-Babar and Hania-Badshah ‘shippers’ were initially distraught. To be honest, we still can’t tell if people actually ship her with them or if it’s all one big joke.

There were several heart attacks of the online variety.

There were some keen-eyed detectives in the comment section.

And then sighs of relief when they realised it was all a marketing gimmick.

Have a glass of water and r e l a x.

Marketing in Pakistan is wild though.

Can we just stick to normal, non-heart attack inducing marketing from now on? We don’t know if the fanboys will be able to take much more of this!